The Office of Strategic Services

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1. Bibliographies

2. Guides to Reference Materials

1. Bibliographies

Albanese, David J. [CAPT/USA] "Research Pathfinder & Bibliography: William J. Donovan & the OSS." At

Constantinides, George C. "The OSS: A Brief Review of Literature." In The Secrets War: The Office of Strategic Services in World War II, ed. George C. Chalou, 109-117. Washington, DC: National Archives and Records Administration, 1992. Second printing, 2002.

An informed look at the material published on the OSS, up to 1991.

Pinck, Dan C., Geoffrey M.T. Jones, and Charles T. Pinck, eds. Stalking the History of the Office of Strategic Services: An OSS Bibliography. Boston, MA: The OSS/Donovan Press, 2000.

According to Jonkers, AFIO WIN 31-00 (4 Aug. 2000), this bibliography lists "over a thousand books describing what OSS was up to in the Second World War.... The book is essentially divided into four parts: the main OSS Bibliography, a description of the OSS Collections in the Hoover Institute Archives, a Guide to the Records of the OSS in the National Archives, and Notes on the Scope and Formal Responsibilities of the OSS. It is filled with valuable substance, and in the Notes, also expresses a point of view.... [This is a] valuable addition for students of history, authors and professionals."

Troy, IJI&C 15.1, finds that Dan Pinck "playfully indulges his own biases, prejudices, and preferences" and "is perhaps too much of a freewheeler on occasion." Although "the book is not annotated," it may be "profitably consulted by anyone seriously interested in OSS."


2. Guides to Reference Materials

An on-line guide to the National Archive's holdings on the OSS ["Records of the Office of Strategic Services (Record Group 226)"] is available at:

The 13 August 1998 NMIA ZGram carries a report from Pat Jernigan on a new finding aid to the records of the OSS Washington Director's Office, held at the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) at College Park, Maryland:

"Part of Record Group 226, ... NARA microfilmed the documents, designating the microfilms (136 rolls) as M1642.... The new finding aid was prepared by a team of volunteer archival assistants. The team reviewed each document (or set of related documents) and recorded: subject, date of origination, author, and recipient, and roll and frame numbers. This information -- for approximately 18,000 documents -- was entered into a PC database program (Q&A by Symantec), from which a hard-copy index, ordered alphabetically by subject, was printed."

Fisher, John. SOE Operations in the Balkans: A Guide to the Newly Released Records in the Public Record Office. London : HMSO, 1998.

Studies in Intelligence. Editors. "Historical Intelligence Documents: From COI to CIG." 37, no. 5 (1994): 111-123.

1. "Presidential Order establishing a Coordinator of Information (COI) on 11 July 1941."

2. "Roosevelt's Military Order of 13 June 1942 creating the Office of Strategic Services (OSS)."

3. "Roosevelt administration press release announcing the creation of the OSS on 13 June 1942."

4. "Executive Order 9621 of 20 September 1945 abolishing the OSS."

5. "Presidential Directive of 22 January 1946 establishing the Central Intelligence Group (CIG)."

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