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Xenophon Kalamatiano

Xenophon Dmitrivich Kalamatiano was an American businessman in pre- and early-Revolutionary Russia. By some accounts, he agreed to report back to the Wilson administration on developments in the country as early as 1914 and, then, in late 1917 began doing intelligence work for the State Department at the behest of Consul General Maddin Summers. In less than a year of work, he built a network of approximately 30 agents, a not unimpressive feat.

Kalamatiano was arrested -- and his agent net rolled up -- by the Soviets in September 1918 in the wake of the unraveling of the so-called Lockhart Plot and Dora Kaplan's attempted assassination of Lenin. After being tried and sentenced to death, he was released in August 1921, along with other Americans being held by the Soviets, in exchange for the beginning of aid from the American Relief Administration. Upon his return to the United States, Kalamatiano was paid off and released back into civilian life. He became a language professor at his alma mater, Culver Military Academy, in Indiana. He died in November 1923.

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This is a brief, factual account. It is unfootnoted but, nonetheless, is reasonably accurate (even if the author does place Culver Academy in Illinois). If your interest in the subject is limited, this is probably the article to read.

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According to Foglesong, I&NS 6.1/180/fn.2, this work provides an account of the Kalamatiano case at pages 47-64. However, Foglesong is unimpressed by the authors' presentation. He says that their "largely undocumented tale includes glaring factual errors, makes assertions which are contradicted by records of the case, and involves a great deal of creative writing."

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