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Sir William Wiseman

Sir William Wiseman was the head of British intelligence in Washington in World War I.

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Gault was British Naval Attaché in the period prior to America's entry into World War I and continuing until he returned to the UK in 1918.

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Spence provides "a survey of the organization, personnel and, so far as can be determined from available records, the operations of the SIS New York station during the First World War and the years immediately following. In large part it is the story of Sir William Wiseman and the men who served with and under him."

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Thwaites was Wiseman's deputy in SIS' U.S. station prior to and during World War I.

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The author looks at issues, including Gault's later animosity toward Wiseman, surrounding Wiseman's eventual replacement of Gault as the most influential British agent in the United States in the World War I period.

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