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Pforzheimer notes that the author headed the Abwehr's counterintelligence branch in Holland. He tells here the story of a German radio-playback and deception operation based on the capture of a Dutch officer parachuted by SOE into Holland. The operation ran undetected for two years and was used to capture 54 other agents and arms and materials dropped for the Dutch Resistance. For Constantinides, Giskes' version "of the means and imagination employed to win this intelligence victory still stands as the accurate and intriguing account from the German side."

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Trained by SOE and parachuted into France in June 1943, Count de La Rochefoucauld's work with the Resistance was the stuff of legend. Twice captured by the Nazis, he escaped each time. "At his death he was believed to have been one of the last living Frenchmen of Churchill's S.O.E."

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Pettersen ("Shadow") was a Norwegian who served in SOE.

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Constantinides: Some of wartime anecdotes included here "will be of value and interest to those concerned with Balkan affairs during World War II." At the same time, readers may find the author's "grasp of the strategic and diplomatic context of events he relates to be weak."

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Clark comment: As a member of the Norwegian Resistance in World War II, Haukelid participated in the Norsk Hydro raid and the later operation that destroyed a large shipment of heavy water on the way to Germany. Constantinides says that Haukelid's account of this daring operation "is good but too modest and too terse."

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According to Peake, Studies 50.1 (Mar. 2006), Atkins was "the very influential special assistant to the head of [SOE's] French branch, F Section, with particular responsibilities for selecting and training personnel." After the war, she went to Europe to try to discover what happened to the operatives who did not return, especially 12 women who she knew personally. This work "tells a fascinating tale about an exceptional woman."

Goulden, Intelligencer 15.2 (Fall-Winter 2006-2007), finds that the author "writes in near-novelistic style and is adept at exploring the emotional issues that are an inescapable part of her story.... In sum: new material, well-written, a highly readable account."

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Baldwin, I&NS 7.4, notes that Hibbert served with SOE in Albania for 11 months, beginning in December 1943. The author includes "some magnitude of error" in the outline he provides for early Albanian history, and citations in the work indicate that he "is clearly not keeping up with ... new and different sources." At times, "Hibbert can be disconcertingly self-contradictory," and his book "cannot be read in isolation." For Bailey, I&NS 15.2, fn. 5, this work gives "the most thorough account of SOE's Albanian operations yet available."

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"Patrick John Fielding Howarth, poet, writer, public-relations officer and soldier,... died ... 12 November 2004." Recruited into SOE, he was, for several years, "official controller of some of the most daring British agents in occupied Europe, including the gallant and glamorous Christine Granville." Plowright, The Independent, 19 Nov. 2004.

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From publisher: "Memoirs of SOE agents have always been rare.... But Sydney Hudson's story ... is just about as dramatic and thrilling as any to have appeared. The author was captured and escaped into Spain, to return to fight with the Marquis."

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Kieffer, RUSI Journal, Jun. 2004, finds that this book "provides the lively anecdotal support of so much that has been written on SOE by eminent historians." The book has been "[e]ssentially written" by Southby-Tailyour, and "is based on extensive contemporary notes made by André Hue on his return to England in August 1944." The focus of the book is "the sixty or so days in the life of the author, from being parachuted into the Breton maquis on 5 June 1944, as part of the D-Day preparations, until 10 August.... [It] is a rattling good yarn and deserves to rank with the best books about SOE."

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