World War II

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BBC Monitoring Service

Calkins, Laura M. "Patrolling the Ether: US-UK Open Source Intelligence Cooperation and the BBC's Emergence as an Intelligence Agency, 1939-1948." Intelligence and National Security 26, no. 1 (Feb. 2011): 1-22.

"By early 1942,... a small FBMS [the FCC's Foreign Broadcast Monitoring Service] outpost was established at the [BBC] Monitoring Service facility at Wood Norton." In April 1943, the Monitoring Service "completed its relocation to the Caversham facility," where both FBIS (the FBMS's new name) and OWI were given offices in the main building. "[B]ilateral arrangements on the exchange of BBC and FBIS Osint from broadcast monitoring were finally concluded ... in November 1948." (Footnotes omitted)

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