World War II

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Auxiliary Units

Warwicker, John, ed. With Britain in Mortal Danger: Britain's Most Secret Army in WWII. Bristol: Cerberus, 2002.

From publisher: "In 1938 the War Office ordered the Director of Military Intelligence to create a unit that would research the tactics and organisation needed in the event of an invasion. After Dunkirk Lt Col Holland's Military Intelligence (Research) expanded greatly, secretly recruiting civilians and service personnel thought suitable for subversive and irregular warfare. Although never called upon, their story remained shrouded in secrecy for half a century."

Nic Rigby, "Britain's WWII Secret Army Uncovered," BBC News Online, 10 Mar. 2003, reports: "In the summer of 1940 as Germany seemed set to invade Britain, a secret army was created. Known as the Auxiliary Units, their aim was to wreak havoc behind enemy lines as the German invasion progressed. Their existence was a closely guarded secret. It has only been through the work of the Museum of British Resistance Organisation ... that their work during World War II has come to light. Now John Warwicker, who helped set up the museum, has published a history of the units."

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