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Wise, The New Republic, 25 May 1968, finds that "Philby's American wife Eleanor, a native of Seattle, is somewhat revealing of his character and possible motivation. Although heavily ghosted and written in an appalling woman's magazine style ..., there are some nuggets."

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Clark comment: Philby's Russian wife from their marriage in 1970 to his death in 1988 tells her story. There is no real insight here to Philby the Spy, but seemingly honest glimpses of Philby the Expatriate, not even trusted by his KGB masters, come through. For Legvold, FA 79.3 (May-Jun. 2000), Rufina Philby "gives a simple account of their cloistered, privileged, but torpid existence.... One ... gets a good sense of what his existence was like under the perpetually watchful eye of the KGB."

A Publisher's Weekly, 1 May 2000, review notes that "[e]xcept for disclosing that her husband did 'an occasional job for the KGB' during his Moscow years, [Rufina Philby's] chronicle of marital domesticity sheds little light on Philby's political activities behind the Iron Curtain." The work includes some previously unpublished writings by Kim Philby and Hayden Peake's "useful, scholarly bibliographic essay [that] coolly reassesses the Philby saga by sifting the myths and distortions in a slew of books and articles."

Jonkers, AFIO WIN 37-00 (15 Sep. 2000), also points to the significance of Peake's bibliographic essay: "If there is a redeeming quality to the book, it is in the part written by ... Hayden Peake.... He provides an essay entitled 'The Philby Literature,' and covers the voluminous and contentious books on Philby in 157 annotated entries, divided in three sections -- case histories, books primarily devoted to Philby, and memoirs or intelligence-service histories that pertain to him.... Without Peake's contribution, the book would not be worth mentioning."

Schecter, I&NS 15.3, comments that "Peake's skillful, dedicated and fascinating exegesis of the Philby literature[] sheds new light on the man and the myths around him." This sentiment is shared by Bath, NIPQ, Summer 2001, who suggests that "[a]nyone coming late to the Philby story will find [Peake's] introduction to its vast literature invaluable."

Philps, Alan.

1. "Living with the Ghost of a Traitor." Telegraph (London), 17 Jan. 1998. [http://www.telegraph.co.uk]

The author reports on a visit to Philby's Russian widow, Rufina, who met Philby "in 1970, when she was 38, on a blind date organised by the Russian wife of the other MI6 double agent, George Blake.... He was a wreck: 21 years older than Rufina, lonely, unable to speak Russian and a drunkard." She has published a Russian memoir of Philby, entitled "I Did It My Way."

2. "Pimms and Marmalade Helped Philby Survive." Telegraph (London), 19 Jan. 1998. [http://www.telegraph.co.uk]

According to his fourth wife, Rufina, Kim Philby "kept homesickness at bay with regular supplies of marmalade, Pimms No 1, lime pickle and Gitanes cigarettes.... [T]o supplement her meagre Russian pension, [Rufina Philby] sold off some of his personal effects in 1994, raising £150,000."

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The author interviewed Rufina Philby at the Moscow apartment where she and Kim Philby lived for 11 years.


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