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"The United Kingdom's Special Air Service (SAS) was founded by Captain David Stirling, a Scots Guard serving with a commando unit during World War II. He created a detachment that became the forerunner of the present-day SAS. His vision was to form a small, highly trained force to wreck havoc against much larger enemy ones. Today the principal SAS missions include sabotage, raids, intelligence collection, counterterrorism, and counterinsurgency. The SAS is currently comprised of three regiments: 21st, 22d, and 23d. Only the 22d is part of the regular army, and the other two are assigned to the territorial army." WIR 13.6:9.

In January 1991, an SAS mission behind Iraqi lines went sour. At least three of the five surviving members of the group have published accounts, and there is at least one book that argues that some of the stories may have been inflated. For convenience, these accounts are listed under the heading "Iraq," below.

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