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Special Air Service (SAS)

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On the eve of an Australian Broadcasting Corporation program claiming that "SAS hostage-rescue experts were involved in the release of four Britons held for four months in 1996" in Irian Jaya by the Free Papua Movement (OPM), "authoritative sources close to the regiment [have] confirmed that four to six of its members had helped to plan the operation" but "did not take part in the mission itself."

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According to CASIS Intelligence Newsletter 31/28, this autobiographical book describes the author's "two years as a member of the 14 Intelligence Company of the British Special Air Service (SAS)." The unit, formed in 1974, "provide[s] surveillance in the most hostile parts of Northern Ireland." West, History 26.1, notes that this book is written by the first woman member of this "extraordinarily secretive" unit. The organization "mounts highly sophisticated surveillance operations." See also, James Rennie, The Operators (1997).

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