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The Falklands War (1982)

Bicheno, Hugh. Razor's Edge: The Unofficial History of the Falklands War. London: Weidenfeld and Nicolson, 2006.

To Fox, The Guardian, 31 Mar. 2006, the strength of this work is that the author "tells the story in detail from both sides.... The game of intelligence and diplomatic bluff is explained in piquant detail." However, "mistakes of significant detail ... make Bicheno's Olympian judgments on the conduct of the campaign appear eccentric and snide or ... absurd.... A rattling good read this book may be, but rattling great history it ain't."

Cavallini, Enrique H.J. "The Malvinas/Falkland Affair: A New Look." International Journal of Intelligence and Counterintelligence 2, no. 2 (Summer 1988): 203-216.

Edwards, Sidney. My Secret Falklands War. Hove, UK: Book Guild Publishing, 2014.

West, IJI&C 28.2 (Summer 2015), notes that this work reveals the author's "activities as [British] air attache in Santiago" during the Falklands conflict. His presentation is "rather short, but fabulously indiscreet."

Freedman, Lawrence. "Intelligence Operations in the Falklands." Intelligence and National Security 1, no. 3 (Sep. 1986): 309-335.

The focus here is on British intelligence in the Falklands war of March-June 1982. The author notes that it is "often assumed that Britain was extraordinarily well informed concerning every move ... made by the Argentine.... By contrast, the essential theme of this article is that the task force commanders and the British government were hampered by a chronic shortage of high-quality strategic intelligence.... [This] shortage ... made it difficult to assess accurately the risks when planning specific operations and to manage the crisis at critical moments."

Freedman, Lawrence. The Official History of the Falklands Campaign.

Vol. I: The Origins of the Falklands War. London: Routledge, 2005.

Vol. II: War and Diplomacy. London: Routledge, 2005.

Hutchings, Richard [Col.]. Special Forces Pilot: A Flying Memoir of the Falklands War. London: Pen & Sword, 2008. 2014.[pb]

From publisher: "[T]he author served with 846 Naval Air Squadron in the Falklands War." Hutchings "re-lives his part in operations, in particular Special Forces intelligence gathering and direct action missions.... The book includes hitherto undisclosed material relating to Operation MIKADO, the ill-fated Special Forces mission in Argentina with its disastrous consequences for the Task Force. Dick was Captain of the Sea King that carried the Special Forces team into Argentina. The operation is described in detail including events in the air and on the ground in Argentina and Chile."

King, David E. "Intelligence Failures and the Falklands War: A Reassessment." Intelligence and National Security 2, no. 2 (Apr. 1987): 336-340.

King believes that "there is a strong argument that reliance on military intelligence [to prevent being surprised by the Argentine attack] was never a sensible or viable policy." The real deception in this case was a political one that prevented effective decisionmaking.

Lebow, Richard Ned. "Revisiting the Falklands Intelligence Failures." RUSI Journal 152, no. 4 (2007): 68-73.

Southby-Tailyour, Ewen. Exocet Falklands: The Untold Story of Special Forces Operations. Barnsley, UK: Pen and Sword, 2014.

West, IJI&C 28.2 (Summer 2015), sees this book as being "packed with fascinating disclosures" about the aborted operation PLUM DUFF and the never undertaken operations MIKADO and KETTLEDUM (KETTLEDRUM elsewhere). It is clear that the author "is an insider and his criticism is trenchant."

West, Nigel. [Rupert Allason] The Secret War for the Falklands: The SAS, MI6, and the War Whitehall Nearly Lost. London: Little, Brown, 1997.


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