Post-Cold War

The Matrix Churchill Affair

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The Scott Report found that "[t]here was no substance to the charge" that MI6 had betrayed Paul Henderson "by not defending him when he was arrested for allegedly telling lies on his export licence application forms." However, "the myth of the secret service's calculated betrayal of innocent men reverberates"; and "MI6 is struggling to recruit agents ... because would-be spies fear they might end up in court."

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Stephanie Strom, "British Report on Iraq Arms Deal Declares Parliament Was Misled," New York Times, 16 Feb. 1996, A1, A4 (N), notes that Sir Richard Scott's report on his 3-year investigation into a scandal over Britain's sale of military equipment to Iraq in the late 1980s was made public on 15 February 1996. The investigation concluded that Government officials "deliberately misled Parliament in 1989 and 1990 about the Government's policy on the sale of machine tools to Iraq." However, the report "did not find find their actions duplicitous in the sense of a cover-up."

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