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West, IJI&C 17,3, says that this biography of Victor Rothschild, "while not entirely uncritical,... either neglects to mention the most significant" controversies of Rothschild's life, "or simply misrepresents them." One problem is that the author "simply does not understand the basics of the field [i.e., intelligence] he is attempting to investigate.... As a detailed analysis and assessment of the evidence of Victor's loyalty or treachery, Elusive Rothschild has very little value."

For Andrew, Sunday Times (London), 16 Mar. 2003, the author's "well-written, often entertaining biography is full of insights into Rothschild's extraordinarily varied career.... The complexities of Rothschild’s subterranean attempts to rescue his reputation are such that even Rose occasionally loses his way.... Elusive Rothschild is, none the less, a memorable biography of an immensely talented man."

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Peake, Studies 48.1, identifies this as the work of a daughter "to tell of the life of an Iraqi who married a British woman and who worked two decades for SIS, first in Iraq and later in London, while running his own business.... In the end, her real complaint is that her father ... did not receive the SIS recognition or pension he deserved."

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According to Foot, I&NS 21.3 (Jun. 2006), this biography of George, second Earl Jellicoe serves as "a sound guide to the maze of sub-units and semi-secret services with which the eastern Mediterranean abounded" during World War II. The reviewer sees Windmill's description of Jellicoe's wartime service with SAS, of which he was second in command, and his formation of the Special Boat Section as stronger than her handling of Jellicoe's later life.

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