Soviet Active Measures in The
'Post-Cold War' Era 1988-1991

A Selected Chronology
Of Crude, Derogatory
Soviet Disinformation,
January 1989 To August 1991

The following chronology includes appearances of crude, derogatory disinformation in the Soviet media, and appearances of such Soviet-fostered disinformation in the media of other countries. It is only a sampling, not a comprehensive catalog.

Dec 89 Top
Magazine edited by West German with close ties to Soviet fronts, Cubans, and Sandinistas repeats AIDS disinformation and other false claims.
13 Dec 89 Krasnaya
Soviet newspaper falsely claims that rebellion in Philippines was "inspired by the CIA."
09 Dec 89 Radio
Broadcast in Tagalog to Philippines falsely claims that U.S. "had a hand" in the Philippine rebellion.
04 Dec 89 Ganashakti Newspaper of Communist Party of India (Marxist) falsely claims that U.S. provides $50 million per year to more than 250 terrorist groups.
Dec 89 Novosti
Article falsely suggests that the United States used outlawed mycotoxin ("yellow rain") biological weapons in Southeast Asia in the early 1980s. In fact, Soviet-supplied mycotoxins were used by the Laotian and Vietnamese Communists.
19 Nov 89 Pravda Havana-datelined article falsely claims that U.S. pilots took part in "massive bombardments" of the capital of El Salvador during fighting launched by Marxist rebels.
Nov 89 U.S. Peace
U.S. affiliate of Soviet-front World Peace Council issues booklet reviving disinformation that U.S. is producing a biological weapon that affects certain ethnic groups, but not others.
26 Sep 89 El Diario
de Caracas
Centrist Venezuelan daily repeats "baby parts" allegations, mentioning European Parliament resolution introduced by French communist.
18 Aug 89 Pravda Official Communist Party newspaper prints story falsely accusing U.S. of assassinating former Panamanian leader Omar Torrijos.
31 Jul 89 Namibian Article "CIA in Namibia?" falsely claims that U.S. is cooperating with South Africa to subvert elections in Namibia. Claims based on West German magazine Top Secret, which frequently carries disinformation. Article appeared just after Top Secret editor Michael Opperskalski had left Namibia as member of "fact-finding" mission of Soviet front group International organization of Journalists.
28 Jul 89 Namibian Article cites forged letter purportedly from South African Foreign Minister R. F. "Pik" Botha to former U.S. Assistant Secretary of State Chester Crocker, falsely claiming close U.S.-South African military and economic cooperation in violation of U.S. policy and laws. Document is denounced as phony by Mr. Crocker and State Department on July 28, and by Mr. Botha on July 31.
19 Jul 89 Namibian Article falsely claims that U.S. and South Africa are covertly cooperating to subvert upcoming elections in Namibia. Based on set of allegations that were circulated with forgery that surfaced on July 28.
06 Jul 89 The Observer Pakistani newspaper repeats June 1990 Novosti charge that AIDS was caused by U.S. nuclear tests.
16 Jun 89 Indian
United News of India, Press Trust of India, Patriot, and other Indian newspapers carry Novosti story falsely suggesting that U.S. nuclear tests in 1950s caused AIDS.
10 Jun 89 News of
Science and
Novosti publication carries story claiming that November 1, 1952 U.S. H-bomb test on Bikini atoll was "the original cause and issue of AIDS on our planet."
Jun 89 Novosti
Article falsely claims that U.S. used "agent black" mycotoxins in Vietnam war. In fact, Soviets used outlawed mycotoxins ("yellow rain") in Afghanistan, and supplied them to Vietnam and Laos for use in Southeast Asia. same issue falsely accuses U.S. of conducting Nazi-style biological warfare experiments, using techniques of Dr. Mengele.
Jun 89 USA:
Article in journal of USSR's "USA Institute" repeats false charge that U.S. government was responsible for killing of U.S. ambassador to Afghanistan in 1979.
28 May 89 Sunday
Zambian newspaper repeats AIDS disinformation allegations.
27 May 89 Trud Soviet newspaper falsely claims Soviet writer Oleg Bitov was abducted by Western intelligence services.
22 May 89 West German
Hessischer Rundfunk and nationwide cable channel broadcast show "AIDS: The African Legend," which features disinformation claims by East German doctor Jacob Segal.
14 May 89 Rizospastis Moscow-line Greek newspaper repeats false charge from April 14 Sovetskaya Rossiya that hearts are sold in U.S. for $100,000 to one million dollars.
09 May 89 The Voice Article in weekly newsletter that describes itself as "Britain's Best Black Newspaper" repeats Jacob Segal AIDS charges.
01 May 89 All Africa
Press Service
Repeats "ethnic weapon" allegations from April 25 issue of The Standard.
May 89 Straight
Unsigned, but extremely detailed article titled "Ethnic Weapons" appears in monthly publication of pro-Soviet faction of the Communist Party of Great Britain.
30 Apr 89 Radio
Broadcast in Tagalog to Phillipines blames "ultra-rightists" for assassination of U.S. Col. Rowe, despite fact that communist New People's Army admitted responsibility.
28 Apr 89 TASS Soviet government news agency falsely claims that U.S. is building new facilities to develop and test biological weapons.
25 Apr 89 The Standard Kenyan daily carries false claim that Kenyan fetuses are being used by U.S. to make a weapon that kills only blacks. Kenyan Minister of Health immediately denies allegations.
20 Apr 89 Izvestia Article claims there is "much evidence" of CIA involvement in the 1978 Jonestown massacre in Guyana.
14 Apr 89 Sovetskaya
Soviet daily that frequently carries disinformation falsely claims that human hearts can be sold for $100,000 to one million dollars in U.S.
12 Apr 89 Sabah Turkish paper repeats Jacob Segal AIDS charges.
22 Mar 89 Awake Magazine of the Watchtower Bible Society repeats September 1988 European Parliament charges made by French communist as if they were factual. Magazine printed in 11 million copies in 54 languages.
14 Mar 89 Hoy Peruvian daily repeats AIDS disinformation charge by Dr. Segal.
03 Mar 89 Selskaya
Article in Soviet paper falsely implies that U.S. is violating 1972 Biological and Toxin Weapons Convention, using "loopholes in this international legal document for those possessed by the urge to commit mass murder."
02 Mar 89 Novosti Major General Viktor Kutsenko of Soviet engineering forces, in interview in Polish paper Zolnierz Wolnosci, falsely blames "Afghan rebels" for laying booby-trap mines, including "radio receivers, flashlights, toys, and other articles stuffed with explosives."
19 Feb 89 Zarya
Newspaper in Tbilisi, USSR repeats "ethnic weapon" disinformation.
13 Feb 89 Vjesnik Yugoslav daily prints Segal AIDS charges.
12 Feb 89 Sovetskaya
Article in Soviet paper charges that AIDS was caused by nuclear testing.
03 Feb 89 Hoje Em Dia Brazilian newspaper repeats Segal AIDS charges.
02 Feb 89 TASS Official Soviet news agency raises possibility of "complicity" by "U.S. secret services" in the plane crash that killed Pakistani president Zia and U.S. ambassador to Pakistan.
01 Feb 89 La Republica Panamanian daily reprints AIDS disinformation accusations.
30 Jan 89 Ultimas
Article from Cono Sur Press revives "baby parts" charges made by Soviet front group International Association of Democratic Lawyers.
24 Jan 89 La Tribuna Honduran daily cites 1998 European Parliament resolution on "baby parts" charges as if allegations were true.
23 Jan 89 West German
Hessischer Rundfunk broadcasts program "AIDS: The African Legend," in which Dr. Segal makes disinformation charge.
21 Jan 89 Manchete Brazilian magazine repeats AIDS allegations by East German doctor Jacob Segal.
16 Jan 89 Cambio 16 Leading Spanish weekly publishes Jacob Segal AIDS charges.
03 Jan 89 West German
Westdeutscher Rundfunk broadcasts program "AIDS: The African Legend," featuring East German doctor Jacob Segal and his AIDS disinformation claims.

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