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Commission on Roles and Capabilities of the U.S. Intelligence Community

President's 23 April 1996 Statement

The White House, Office of the Press Secretary, April 23, 1996


Presidential Announcement on Intelligence Community Reforms

Today the President is announcing several significant reforms for the Intelligence Community that will strengthen our intelligence capabilities as we move into the 21st Century. They build on the recommendations made in the Brown Commission Report on the Roles and Capabilities of the Intelligence Community and the Director of Central Intelligence's efforts to move the Intelligence Community forward to meet new challenges.

The reforms fall into three general categories: tightening links with the policy community, increasing Intelligence Community integration and realigning intelligence resources. The President sees intelligence as a critical element of our national security and believes these reforms are crucial to strengthening our capabilities in the future. The President has authorized the following significant steps:

o First, reflecting the President's determination to promote openness in the Intelligence Community, he has authorized Congress to make public the total appropriation -- the bottom line figure -- for intelligence at the time the appropriations conference report is approved by Congress.

On the Policy Front

o The President has authorized the formation of a cabinet-level Committee on Foreign Intelligence to establish priorities on long-term intelligence needs. In the same vein, he is also establishing a Committee on Global Crime, chaired by the National Security Advisor, to better facilitate cooperation between the intelligence and lawenforcement communities.

To Increase IC Integration

o The President has endorsed the addition of two Presidentially appointed Deputy Director positions, one to run CIA and one to oversee the Community Management Staff. This would be in addition to the current position of Deputy Director of Central Intelligence. These two new positions would require Senate confirmation.

Realigning Resources

o The President has also endorsed the DCI's proposed personnel reforms that will allow the Intelligence Community to realign its resources to achieve the "skills mix" necessary to address future intelligence challenges, while meeting its downsizing goals.

o Director Deutch will be briefing the Congressional Intelligence Oversight Committees on these reforms over the next few days. He also has met with the Intelligence Community workforce to explain the proposed personnel reforms.

The President would like to once again extend his appreciation to Harold Brown and the Commission members for their hard work and sound recommendations. He is also grateful to Director Deutch for his stewardship of the Intelligence Community during these challenging times. These reforms, which will be accomplished through executive orders and legislation, will significantly enhance our intelligence capabilities and contribute greatly to our nation's security.

[Source: Internet Newsgroup from a post by John Pike, Federation of American Scientists:]

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