World War II

Eunan O'Halpin

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From 1923 to 1938, Ireland's "security priorities were overwhelmingly domestic." As war approached, however, "a new, elaborate and pervasive security system" was required. Security and intelligence cooperation with Britain "was surprisingly extensive at administrative levels even before the war."

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Peake, Studies 54.3 (Sep. 2010) and Intelligencer 18.1 (Fall-Winter 2010), notes that the author studies "the intelligence relationship between [Irish] G-2 and [British] MI5-MI6," and explains, "in considerable detail, how it fit the political realities of wartime Ireland." This "is a very valuable contribution to the history of WWII intelligence." For White and Riley, Irish Studies in International Affairs 19 (2008), O'Halpin "highlights the intelligence cooperation between Ireland and Britain during the war" and emphasizes "the assistance the Irish government provided to the Allies."

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SOE plans for a stay-behind operation in Ireland, as well for a rumor-planting campaign, ran afoul of both MI5 and MI6 -- and of Churchill's reluctance to provide arms to the Irish.

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Doerries, JIH 9.1 & 2 (Summer 2010), notes that "[t]he 'Official History' presented in this highly interesting volume is, in fact, the history of the Irish Section [BIH] of MI5. The document ... was produced between the autumn of 1944 and the early days of 1946.... Eunan O'Halpin provides an excellent introduction for the contemporary historian as well as for future researchers possibly less informed on the internal makings of British intelligence in the 20th century.... [M]uch of this 'Note on the Work' is about: the fruitful cooperation of Irish and British intelligence [against the Germans] during World War II."

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