U.S. Naval Intelligence

1945 - 1989

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Provides more on this subject than is normally found in the open literature.

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This article covers the period from late 1961 to early 1962. .

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This is an excellent quick look at specialized U.S. intelligence ships, utilized by both NSA and the Navy from 1961 until after the Pueblo incident in 1968.

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Polmar, Proceedings 136.6 (Jun. 2010), comments that "[c]ombined with the many errors of fact and a lack of understanding of U.S. and Soviet submarine practices and operations, th[is] book makes poor reading for the professional." One of the three major stories told concerns the loss of the Soviet ballistic-missile submarine K-129 and the partial recovery of its wreakage by the CIA's Glomar Explorer. After providing the wrong sailing date for the K-129, "virtually every subsequent paragraph contains error or 'drama' -- hyperbolic conversations -- that cannot be verified."

Writing in "Comment and Discussion" in Proceedings 136.9 (Sep. 2010), Mathers finds that "[t]he prevalance and frequency of error and exaggeration in Red November is such as to deny it any respect as a historical rendering." The book "should not [italics in original] be endorsed as a historical document."

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