Military Attachés

Post-World War II

To 1990

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The author concludes that "documents and interviews show clearly that neither [U.S. Air Force Attaché Edward] Fox nor the Embassy were involved in the overthrow" of Bolivian President Victor Paz by Gen. René Barrientos in November 1964.

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The author argues for less cross accreditation of attachés (the attaché in one country holding the same assignment in another) and wider placement in countries around the world. "It is important that the still untapped reservoirs of information needed by the Government which are available to military attachés be recognized and exploited." See also, Peter J. Dorondo, "Communications to the Editors: 'The Military Attachés,'" Studies in Intelligence 4, no. 3 (Summer 1960): 79-83, for additional information on the role and utility of the service attachés.

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The author discusses his experiences with "obstructive techniques over and above the formal restrictions" as U.S. Air Attaché in the Soviet Union from October 1956 to October 1958.

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