Liaison Among Nations



The crowning achievement in liaison activities among intelligence organizations is the agreement on Signals Intelligence (SIGINT) cooperation among the U.S., British, Australia, New Zealand, and Canadian services.

The foundation of that cooperation was the wartime "Britain-United States of America" agreement (the BRUSA agreement) of 17 May 1943. The complete text of BRUSA, including its appendices, was released by the National Security Agency (NSA) in November 1995. Text and appendices are published in Cryptologia, "The BRUSA Agreement of May 17, 1943," 21, no. 1 (Jan. 1997): 30-38.

The postwar UKUSA agreement was initially negotiated in March 1946 and, then, finalized in June 1948. Christopher Andrew, "The Making of the Anglo-American SIGINT Alliance," in In the Name of Intelligence: Essays in Honor of Walter Pforzheimer, eds. Hayden B. Peake and Samuel Halpern, 95-109 (Washington, DC: NIBC Press, 1994).

The materials presented under the listings for "Intelligence Liaison Among Nations" concerns the UKUSA agreement and other cross-national liaison activities, with the exception of items on U.S.-Israeli and U.S.-Chinese intelligence cooperation. Materials on the latter two relationships are presented in separate "U.S.-Israeli Liaison and Intelligence-Related Issues" and "U.S. Monitoring Sites in China" files.

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