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In the near future I will be taking INTELLIT off the Web. This is not because of a lack of desire to continue my work on what has become a unique bibliography, but rather because the technology of both my hardware and software has become so outdated that its continued use creates dangers for the essential systems at Muskingum University, which has so generously hosted my aging server for so many years.

Keeping INTELLIT alive would necessitate replacing the entire system -- hardware, software, and creation process. I am not certain at 75 years of age I am prepared to dedicate the time, energy, and money that would be required to redo every aspect of how INTELLIT is generated.

I appreciate all the kind words that have been offered over the years by intelligence practicioners, scholars, and journalists for the role INTELLIT has played in intelligence studies. Special thanks are also due to those who have volunteered their assistance for specific portions of the bibliography.

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