Information Warfare

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Steele, Periscope 19.5, calls Information Warfare the "best available professional reading on the subject of C4I warfare." It "concludes with ... an outline for a recommended national C4I security strategy." This view is concurred in by Miller, IJI&C 11.2, who calls Schwartau's book "a valuable resource in the effort to combat those who seek to penetrate government, corporate, and personal security." For Kruh, Cryptologia 19.2, the author outlines "almost every kind of informational disaster imaginable."

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Serabian is chief of the CIA's Critical Technologies Group. This item is text of a speech he gave on 7 December 1998 at a "Defense Week" conference. In the speech, he argues that "information warfare has the potential to deal a crippling blow to our national security if we do not take strong measures to counter it."

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The authors argue that the energy-information equation in warfare is changing rapidly, and suggest that the conduct of warfare will have to change to keep pace.

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"New information technologies and techniques increase rather than reduce opportunities for deception, allowing both attackers and defenders greater choice of methods."

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"In addition to the theft of personal [and business] secrets, the Internet has made it much easier to target and recruit potential spies and securely communicate with them. The Internet has become a real boon to the spying profession."

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Quotes remarks by Deputy Defense Secretary John J. Hamre, "at a NATO meeting in Vienna," and by DIRNSA Lt. Gen. Kenneth A. Minihan, "in an appearance before the Governmental Affairs Committee," to the effect that threats to the U.S. digital information infrastructure should be taken seriously.

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