Defense Intelligence Journal

Denial, Deception, & Counterdeception

Defense Intelligence Journal 15, no. 2 (2006): Entire issue.

1. James B. Bruce, "Denial and Deception in the 21st Century: Adaptation Implications for Western Intelligence," pp. 13-27.

"Improved intelligence effectiveness against such adversaries [as China, North Korea, Iran, and Russia] will require a new level of Western adaptation to defeat their evolving D&D capabilities."

2. Barton Whaley, "Interdisciplinary Musings on the History of Counterdeception," 31-50.

3. Scott Gerwehr, "Cross-Cultural Variation in Denial and Deception," 51-78.

4. Rob Dussault, "Denial and Deception in a Nutshell," 81-94.

5. David T. Moore and William N. Reynolds, "So Many Ways to Lie: The Complexity of Denial and Deception," 95-116.

6. Michael Bennett and Russell R. Vane, III, "Using Hypergames for Deception Planning and Counterdeception Analysis," 117-138.

7. R. Kent Tiernan, "Hiding in Plain Sight," 141-152.

8. Gregory David, "Denial and Deception in Human-Smuggling Operations," 155-172.

9. A CD accompanying this issue provides the Second Edition (March 2006) of Barton Whaley's unique Detecting Deception: A Bibliography of Counterdeception Across Time, Cultures, and Disciplines.

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