The Attack on the USS Liberty (1967)

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On 8 June 1967, Israeli aircraft attacked the USS Liberty, a U.S. SIGINT vessel, resulting in the loss of 34 American lives and other injuries. The debate continues over whether that attack was "deliberate" or, as the Israelis maintain, "accidental."

Two survivors of the attack, Jim Ennes and Joe Meadors, maintain a memorial Web site on the USS Liberty: This original "database and historical Web site" has been supplemented by another memorial site maintained by Ennes: Ennes is the author of Assault on the "Liberty" (1979), for which see below.

CAPT William L. McGonagle, commanding the USS Liberty when it was attacked, died on 3 March 1999. (Via nipmail@lists.xmission. com)

On 2 July 2003, NSA released previously classified materials relating to the attack on the Liberty. Additional material was released on 8 June 2007. The releases are available at:

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