Arrest/Expulsion of American in/from Russia

Materials presented in chronological order.

Stanley, Alessandra. "Russia Arrests an American and Accuses Him of Spying." New York Times, 2 Dec. 1997. A5 (N)

Qualcomm engineer Ronald L. Bliss was arrested in Rostov-on-Don on 25 November 1997 by the Russian federal security service and charged with spying. Bliss is ostensibly in Russia working on a contract between Qualcomm and a Russian concern. The security service said Bliss was "illegally using a satellite receiver to conduct topographical measurements" in restricted areas. The U.S. Embassy in Moscow and Qualcomm have vehemently denied the charges. See also, David Hoffman, "Russia Holds American as Espionage Suspect," Washington Post, 2 Dec. 1997, A21.

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Ronald Bliss was freed in Rostov on 6 December 1997 but must remain in the city pending trial.

Brzezinski, Matthew. "U.S. Presses Russia to Free Espionage Suspect." Wall Street Journal, 19 Dec. 1997, A15.

Story, Paula. "Accused Spy Flies Home for Holiday." Washington Post, 26 Dec. 1997, A26.


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