1990 - 1998

Materials arranged chronologically.

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ProQuest: This article presents a "brief overview of the FBI's foreign counterintelligence mission."

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"In the aborted bombing of U.N. Headquarters, New York City's Federal Building, and the Lincoln and Holland Tunnels, Hollywood could not have scripted a more perfect scenario to illustrate the importance to our lives and economy of counterintelligence operations."

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House and Senate conferees completed work on the fiscal 1995 intelligence authorization bill on 22 September 1994. The conference committee "decided to clip the wings of the CIA, effectively placing the FBI in charge of all counterespionage investigations.... In return for the House's agreement to the FBI provision, Senate conferees dropped their objections to a satellite project backed by House members."

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The manhunt for Mir Aimal Kansi, wanted for the shootings outside CIA Headquarters on 25 January 1993, has been slowed by geography and Pakistani politics. At the end of March, the FBI reclassified Kansi as a suspected international terrorist. This allowed the use of the State Department's Counter-Terrorism Rewards Program to raise the reward offered for information leading to the arrest of Kansi to $2 million.

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On 21 December 1995, the House and the Senate passed the fiscal 1996 intelligence authorization bill. "The bill reportedly authorizes about $28 billion." The measure allows the FBI to "obtain a court order to gain access to consumer credit reports and find the names and addresses of the financial institutions where an individual [under counterintelligence investigation] had an account."

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On 15 June 1997, FBI agents captured Mir Aimal Kansi in a motel on Pakistan's border with Afghanistan. Kansi is accused of the murderous 1993 attack on motorists outside CIA headquarters. He was arraigned on murder charges on 18 June 1997 in Fairfax County, Virginia.

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