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According to Casis Intelligence Newsletter 34 (Winter 1999), this article concerns some studies done in Guelph (south of Toronto) on the association between local ironmonger Adam Robertson and Confederate agents plotting to free Confederate prisoners being held at Johnson's Island, Ohio.

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Winder was Provost Marshal of Richmond. "Established in 1961 under Gen. John Henry Winder, this organization had a checkered career, being responsible at one time or another for military discipline in the Richmond area, counterespionage, the defense of Richmond, the administration of prisoners of war, and the collection of information in support of these various tasks." Tidwell, April '65, p. 31. Blakey's biography "gives some useful detail" on Winder's early life, "but, unfortunately, has very little to say about his wartime responsibilities." Ibid., 227 fn.20.

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Anderson, Intelligencer 9.1, found this "small [219 pages], well organized book ... most interesting." Although it is not focused on intelligence, the book "has a modest number of intelligence references.... Of particular interest,... is a discussion of the active and effective role of Union agents in New Orleans.... The most intriguing intelligence vignette is about ... Loreta Velasquez."

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Calder: "A brief history of the role of Charles County ... citizens in supporting the Confederacy..., in particular the underground actions in secret communications and transportation of equipment."

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A Confederate torpedo sank the USS Cairo on 12 December 1862 in an unconventional warfare operation. Tidwell, April '65, fn. 27, p. 227: This is "an excellent account of [Zere] McDaniel's relationship with the Confederate secret service."

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