Woodworth, Steven E., ed. The American Civil War: A Handbook of Literature and Research. Westport, CT: Greenwood Press, 1996.

Fullenkamp, Parameters, Summer 1998, calls this "a superb bibliographical resource on the events leading to the war, its conduct, and its aftermath.... At the beginning of each chapter the author provides a short bibliographic essay reviewing selected works on the topic and including a brief synopsis of each work. The chapter on intelligence divides the subject into general works on intelligence activities; spies, espionage, and covert operations; intelligence activities in Europe; military intelligence; sources of intelligence; intelligence and command. The chapter ends with a general bibliography of more than 70 entries on a broad selection of material including books, manuscripts, articles, and special collections."

For Smith, H-CivWar, H-Net Reviews (Apr. 1997) [], many of the several thousand titles covered here "are either [simply] listed or mentioned in a superficial, uncritical manner." Nonetheless, the editor "has compiled a highly useful book, one that scholars will consult frequently and with profit.... The strengths of Woodworth's book are the breadth of its coverage and the expertise of its contributors." However, this work "is sloppily produced. Again and again, authors' names are misspelled in the text and in the index. Some book titles are garbled. Even several of the chapter contributors' academic titles are wrong. More attention to analysis, depth of coverage, and editorial detail, then, would have made this book a more useful and accurate historiographical tool."

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