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The fate of the CIA officer reported by Der Spiegel to have been expelled from Germany has not yet been decided. U.S. and German officials continue to negotiate over the broader issues that seem to be at the heart of this current division between the two allies: the role of American intelligence in Germany in the aftermath of the Cold War and intelligence sharing. For previous report, see Alan Cowell, "Bonn Said to Expel U.S. Envoy Accused of Economic Spying," New York Times, 10 Mar. 1997, A6 (N).

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The newly sworn in DCI announced on 21 July 1997 that the Clinton administration had nominated Air Force Lt. Gen. John A. Gordon to be DDCI. The SSCI approved Gordon's nomination on 8 October 1997. CQWR, 11 Oct. 1997, 2497. Gordon received full Senate confirmation on 27 October 1997. CQWR, 1 Nov. 1997, 2699.

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An apparent CIA officer who was earlier arrested and released under claim of diplomatic status has left Austria. The Austrian newspaper Kurier says the arrest took place on 29 October 1997 after police discovered and traced a tap on the residence telephone of the first secretary of the North Korean embassy.

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Fred Hitz, who has held the job since October 1990, will leave the Inspector General's job for a teaching position at Princeton University.


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