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Russian Illegal (2006)

Lefebvre, Stéphane. "Russian Intelligence Activities in Canada: The Latest Case of an 'Illegal.'" Journal of Slavic Military Studies 20, no. 4 (Oct.-Dec. 2007): 549-558.

"This article discusses Russia's use of 'illegals' for espionage purposes, using the recent Canadian case of one 'Paul William Hampel.' Unmasked in November 2006, his case ... was reminiscent of another one a decade earlier which involved two Russians who also operated under false Canadian identities.... [T]hat Russia is still using Canada for espionage purposes should not come as a surprise. One of the few tools Russia has[,] absent a strong economy and rejuvenated armed forces, is its intelligence apparatus. Hampel's case should serve as a warning to all well-established advanced democracies: espionage is as important today as it ever was in the pursuit of a state’s national interests."

Lefebvre cites the following contemporaneous reportage (arranged chronologically):

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