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Statement by the CSIS Director to the Senate Special Committee on Security and Intelligence, House of Commons, 24 June 1998. Elcock states that "[w]ith perhaps the singular exception of the United States, there are more international terrorist groups active [in Canada] than in any other country of the world." (Emphasis in original)

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"Although they enjoy peace abroad and relative tranquillity at home, Canadians have come to wonder recently whether the guardians of that peace and tranquillity are really up to the job. When you get right down to it, can you have a lot of faith in an intelligence agency when one of its senior officers takes top-secret documents on holiday and leaves them in the boot of her car while she is at a hockey game?

"And what do you make of the same intelligence service when another senior officer leaves an uncoded computer disk containing the names of confidential informants and contacts in a telephone booth? And then there was the undercover Mountie who left his service revolver and a mass of information about undercover operations -- including the names, addresses and telephone numbers of other undercover Mounties -- in the boot of his car."

Hardy, James. "MI6 Helped Spy to Flee Soviet Union." Telegraph (London), 8 Jun. 1997. []

An agent with the codename of "Gideon," "turned" by the Canadians in the 1950s and believed to have been executed by the KGB, was exfiltrated from the Soviet Union in the late-1980s on orders of Canadian Prime Minister Brian Mulroney. "British intelligence is understood to have played a largely supervisory role in the operation, which was run by a Canadian."

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