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Wiebes, Cees. "Dutch Sigint during the Cold War, 1945-94." Intelligence and National Security 16, no. 1 (Spring 2001): 243-284.

The author views his article "as a real first attempt to reconstruct the Sigint history" of the Mathematical Centre (WKC)/Technical Information Collection Centre (TIVC) during the Cold War.


Wiebes, Cees. Intelligence and the War in Bosnia, 1992-1995. Amsterdam: Netherlands Institute for War Documentation, 2002. Hamburg and London: LIT Verlag, 2003. Piscataway, NJ: Transaction, 2003.

The author provides the following: This work "includes chapters on sharing of intelligence with the UN, plus US, British, Canadian and European Intelligence operations in Bosnia and Croatia, Human Intelligence, Imint, Sigint (2 chapters including NSA operations} and Covert Operations. It is based on top secret Dutch intel. archives plus (de)classified US, UK, Canadian, Bosnian and UN documents."

According to Jonkers, AFIO WIN 26-02 (1 Jul. 2002), Wiebes had "unrestricted access to the Dutch intelligence community to prepare an intelligence report as an Annex to the overall Dutch after-action report" regarding the participation of a Dutch Air Mobile Battalion in the UNPROFOR mission in Bosnia. The report provides "a different perspective on the interplay of foreign attitudes and capabilities with US intelligence and policy."

Peake, Studies 48.1, says that "[t]his book is not easy reading. The names are strange, the acronyms profuse, the political alignments complex, and the geography often confusing.... These shortcomings notwithstanding, it is an important work -- the most thorough treatment of the topic to date."

To Martyn, IJI&C 18.1 (Spring 2005), the author "is quite harsh in his indictment of the political leadership which sent the Dutch Battalion (DutchBat) into harm's way with inadequate intelligence support." In the telling of his story, "Wiebes gets maximum utility out of disparate, incomplete details." This work "is a thoroughly researched and thoughtful examination of this dark period in the history of multinational peacekeeping."

See also, Brendan O'Neill, "You are only allowed to see Bosnia in black and white," 23 Jan. 2004 at http://www.spiked-online.com/Articles/0000000CA374.htm.

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Wiebes, Cees. "Operation 'Piet': The Joseph Sidney Petersen Jr. Spy Case, a Dutch 'Mole' Inside the National Security Agency." Intelligence and National Security 23, no. 4 (Aug. 2008): 488-535.

Arrested in 1954, Petersen had been working for the Dutch for over 10 years.

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