Craig R. Whitney


Whitney, Craig R. "East's Archives Reveal Ties to Terrorists." New York Times, 15 Jul. 1990, A6.


Whitney, Craig R. "France Accuses 5 Americans of Spying; Asks They Leave." New York Times, 23 Feb. 1995, A1, A4 (N).

"France has accused five Americans, including the former C.I.A. station chief [in Paris] and his deputy, of political and economic espionage and asked them to leave.... The other Americans ... asked to leave were two other C.I.A. agents who are listed in diplomatic jobs on the roster of the United States Embassy, and a woman working as an undercover C.I.A. agent who lacks diplomatic status."


Whitney, Craig R. Spy Trader: Germany's Devil's Advocate and the Darkest Secrets of the Cold War. New York: Times Books, 1993. 1994. [pb]

Whitney, Craig R. "Former Iron Curtain Lawyer Cleared of Blackmail Charges." New York Times, 16 Aug. 1998. []

"In January 1996, a state court in Berlin found [Vogel] guilty on five counts of blackmail. He appealed the convictions, and the same court acquitted him of 32 similar charges later the same year.

"Now Vogel, 73, has his good name back. Germany's highest court found in his favor on two of the appealed cases and announced this week that prosecutors had agreed to drop the others. He and his lawyers say they expect that next week a Berlin tax court will drop parallel charges of evading $5.6 million in taxes on money the West German authorities paid him for arranging secret prisoner releases....

"As part of the bargaining that settled the criminal cases..., he and his lawyers agreed not to contest another conviction two years ago for perjury and falsely swearing in notarized statements. That conviction stands, with a suspended 14-month jail sentence and a $65,700 fine, so it would be impossible for Vogel to practice law again even if he wanted to."

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