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Weiner, Tim. "A Secret Agency's Secret Budgets Yield 'Lost' Billions, Officials Say." New York Times, 30 Jan. 1996, A1, A5 (N).

Weiner, Tim. "Senate Committee Receives Apology from Spy Agency." New York Times, 11 Aug. 1994, A1, B10

NRO director, deputy director, and headquarters building project manager apologize for lack of notification on costs to Congress.


Weiner, Tim. "Senate Panel Endorses Nominee to Head C.I.A." New York Times, 4 May 1995, A14 (N).


Weiner, Tim. "Senators Seek Legal Inquiry on C.I.A. in Guatemala." New York Times, 30 Sep. 1995, A1, A5.


Weiner, Tim. "Shadowy Alliance -- Special Report: In Guatemala's Dark Heart, the C.I.A. Lent Succor to Death." New York Times, 2 Apr. 1995, A1.


Weiner, Tim. "Spies Can't Even Trust Other Side to Follow the Rules These Days." New York Times, 12 Nov. 1996, A1, A4 (N).

Weiner, Tim. "Spies Just Wouldn't Come in from Cold War, Files Show." New York Times, 15 Oct. 1997, A1, A11 (N).

This report reinforces the portrait of the three campus-radicals-turned-spies as ideologically motivated. Stand was recruited in his teens by his father, an East German intelligence officer who emigrated to New York, and he in turn recruited his wife, Squillacote. The leads to the three came from East German intelligence that made their way into American hands after the Cold War ended.


Weiner, Tim. "Tainted Items Sent by C.I.A. Are Put at 95." New York Times, 10 Nov. 1995, A10 (N).

SSCI Chairman Sen. Arlen Spector (R-PA) stated on 9 November 1995 that from 1986 to 1994 the CIA passed Presidents and Pentagon officials "a total of 95 reports from foreign agents whom it knew or strongly suspected were controlled by Moscow."


Weiner, Tim. "3 Cuban Diplomats Ordered Out of U.S. for Spying." New York Times, 24 Dec. 1998. [http://www.nytimes.com]

On 23 December 1998, three Cuban diplomats at the United Nations were ordered to leave the United States. "The three men were linked to espionage after an investigation by the FBI that led to the arrest and indictment of 10 suspected Cuban agents in Miami three months ago. The three men in New York have diplomatic passports, which give them immunity from prosecution as spies."


Weiner, Tim. "3 Onetime Campus Radicals Held in Spy Case." New York Times, 7 Oct. 1997, A1, A16 (N).

"Three onetime student radicals at the University of Wisconsin were charged [on 6 Oct. 1997] with spying for communist intelligence services since the 1970s." See also, Brooke A. Masters and Peter Finn, "Three Former Leftists Held in Va. on Espionage Charges," Washington Post, 7 Oct. 1997, A1, A14; and Brooke A. Masters, "Friends Knew Alleged Spies as Neighborhood Activists," Washington Post, 8 Oct. 1997, B1, B7.


Weiner, Tim. "Two Senior C.I.A. Officials Lose Jobs in Spy Case Fallout." New York Times, 13 Oct. 1994. [http://www.nytimes.com]

CIA ADDO John McGaffin and the Near East operations chief, Frank Anderson, have resigned in the wake of their demotion by DCI R. James Woolsey. "Two weeks ago, they gave Milton Bearden, the agency's station chief in Bonn, an award for outstanding work during the 1980's." The day before, Woolsey had reprimanded Bearden "for 'very serious' failures" in the Aldrich Ames spy case.


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