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Weiner, Tim. "Making Rules in the World Between War and Peace." New York Times, 19 Aug. 2001. [http://www.nytimes.com]

Weiner discusses the Israeli policy of "liquidation" -- that is, "lethal, anticipatory self-defense" against individuals Israel believes are responsible for terrorist acts. Palestinians call the Israeli actions "'assassination,' and say about 60 of their activists have been killed since September."


Weiner, Tim. "The Man Who Protects America From Terrorism." New York Times, 1 Feb. 1999. [http://www.nytimes.com]

Richard Clarke was recently named by the President as the nation's counterterrorism coordinator. "Clarke has a reserved seat when Cabinet officers gather at the White House on national security issues.... He helped drive the decision to fire cruise missiles at Afghanistan and Sudan in August,... overpowering dissenters at the State Department and the CIA."


Weiner, Tim. "Master Creator of Ghosts Is Honored by His Kind." New York Times, 19 Sep. 1997, A11 (N).

At an 18 September 1997 ceremony at CIA Headquarters, Tony Mendez, a retired technical services officer, was honored as "one of 50 all-time stars of the spy trade.... He helped create the escape plan, the false identities and the disguises that got six Americans out of revolutionary Teheran while others were held hostage in 1980."

[CIA/90s/97/50th; CIA/Tradecraft]

Weiner, Tim. "More Divulged About C.I.A. in Guatemala." New York Times, 25 Apr. 1995, A5 (N).

"The CIA station chief in Guatemala, removed from his post in February for failing to disclose the agency's ties to a Guatemalan colonel linked to killing of an American, had been formally reprimanded for similar silences nine months earlier."


Weiner, Tim. "New C.I.A. Chief Appoints Outsiders Who Have Known It to Run It." New York Times, 16 May 1995, A9 (N).

Reporting 15 May 1995 high-level appointments by DCI Deutch.


Weiner, Tim. "New Spynet Links C.I.A. and Envoys." New York Times, 13 Feb. 1996, A9.

The CIA will provide U.S. diplomats in Bosnia and other trouble spots computer access to classified information. According to a senior intelligence official, the CIA is working on "new and different" ways of delivering classified data to senior diplomats abroad.


Weiner, Tim. "Nominations Have Made C.I.A. Chief Odd Man Out." New York Times, 6 Dec. 1996, A15 (N).

"Instead of becoming Secretary of Defense next year, as he had hoped, Mr. Deutch ... is out of a job.... Deutch may have endangered his job by testifying to Congress this year that Saddam Hussein was stronger now than he was after the 1991 gulf war.... [T]he White House was furious at Mr. Deutch." In its editorial on the new Cabinet nominees, the New York Times states: "We are sorry to see John Deutch depart as Director of Central Intelligence. No one has made a more concerted effort to reform the C.I.A." "[Editorial:] Cabinet Renewal," 6 Dec. 1996, A20 (N).


Weiner, Tim. "Nominee for C.I.A. in Tense Hearing." New York Times, 12 Mar. 1997, A1, A15 (N). "C.I.A. Nominee Works Hard to Sway Panel." New York Times, 13 Mar. 1997, A13 (N). "Angry Exchanges Interrupt Lake Questioning." New York Times, 14 Mar. 1997, A12 (N).

Reports on first three days of Lake nomination hearings.


Weiner, Tim. "Nominee for C.I.A. Vows to Clear Out Cold War Culture." New York Times, 27 Apr. 1995, A1, A13 (N).

Appearing before the Senate intelligence committee, DCI-nominee John M. Deutch "bluntly detailed his plans to redesign the Central Intelligence Agency and the rest of the nation's intelligence agencies. Foremost among these, he said, was replacing the senior management of the C.I.A.'s operations directorate." [Clark comment: And thus were the problems of the 2000s portended.] See also, Donna Cassata, "Deutch Promises Bold Steps to Overhaul the CIA," Congressional Quarterly Weekly Report, 29 Apr. 1995, 1193.


Weiner, Tim. "Nuclear Thriller With Ending as Yet Unwritten." New York Times, 25 May 1999. [http://www.nytimes.com]

The Cox report's "conclusions are blunt...: China has stolen data on every significant American nuclear warhead, the stolen secrets helped China design and test modern nuclear weapons, and Chinese espionage at the biggest government weapons labs is long-standing and continuing." However, "[n]ot everyone agrees with the conclusion that the Chinese stole nuclear weapons data." See also, Juliet Eilperin, "Panel Unites to Expose Chinese Espionage," Washington Post, 25 May 1999, A4, which discusses Cox's leadership in producing a bipartisan document.


Weiner, Tim. "Out of the Spotlight, Intelligence Services Weigh an Alliance Against Terrorism." New York Times, 13 Mar. 1996, A8 (N).

Weiner, Tim. "Pakistani Convicted of Killing 2 Outside C.I.A. Headquarters." New York Times, 11 Nov. 1997, A19. "Man Convicted of Killing 2 Outside C.I.A." New York Times, 11 Nov. 1997, A12 (N).


Weiner, Tim. "Panel Chairman To Go Forward with Hearings on C.I.A. Nominee." New York Times, 5 Mar. 1997, A9 (N).

SSCI Chairman Shelby schedules nomination hearing for DCI-nominee Anthony Lake for 11 March 1997, after two postponements. See also, Juliana Gruenwald, "Lake Hearings Are Set to Begin; Shelby Still Seeks Full FBI File," Congressional Quarterly Weekly Report, 8 Mar. 1997, 598.


Weiner, Tim. "Panel Says C.I.A.'s Secrecy Threatens to Make History a Lie." New York Times, 9 Apr. 1998, A19.

A report by the State Department's historians' committee will warn that continued publication of the official record of U.S. foreign policy "is imperiled" by the CIA's failure to release documents on its Cold War covert operations.


Weiner, Tim. "Proposal Would Reorganize U.S. Intelligence Agencies." New York Times, 5 Mar. 1996, A20.

"What would be left [of the CIA] is a small box on a big flow chart."


Weiner, Tim. "The Real C.I.A." http://www.nytimes.com/library/national/index-cia.html.

This item appears as a special section on the New York Times Website. It is based on the Showtime documentary, first aired on 29 November 1998, entitled, "The Real C.I.A.: Enemies, Secrets and Spies." The text on the Website was written by Weiner who also narrated the TV documentary. The section includes articles from the New York Times archives about the events covered in the report.


Weiner, Tim. "Report Faults C.I.A. on Hiring of Informers in Guatemala." New York Times, 29 Jun. 1996, 2.

Summary of report by Intelligence Oversight Board on Guatemalan operations.


Weiner, Tim. "Republicans Criticize C.I.A. Nominee Over Iranian Arms Deal." New York Times, 28 Jan. 1997, A8 (N).

Lake draws flak from House Republicans for his execution, as national security adviser, "of a secret policy to stand silent as Iran shipped arms to Bosnian Muslims in 1994."


Weiner, Tim. "Rethinking the Ban on Political Assassinations." New York Times, 30 Aug. 1998. [http://www.nytimes.com]

The terrorist attacks on U.S. embassies in Kenya and Tanzania serve as the occasion for the author to revisit the executive order banning the U.S. use of assassination. Nothing new on the subject is offered.


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