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Warrick, Joby. "Airstrike Kills Dozens of Insurgents." Washington Post, 24 Jun. 2009. []

"Missiles fired by a suspected CIA drone aircraft [on 23 June 2009] struck a funeral attended by Taliban militants in South Waziristan, killing dozens in what is thought to be the deadliest such attack since the U.S. government began its covert campaign against Pakistan-based fighters last summer."


Warrick, Joby. "Blackwater Founder Says He Aided Secret Programs." Washington Post, 3 Dec. 2009. []

In an interview published by Vanity Fair magazine on 2 December 2009, Erik Prince, founder and owner of Blackwater Worldwide (now known as Xe Services), acknowledged that "he had helped the CIA with secret programs targeting top al-Qaeda leaders, a role he says was intended to give the agency 'unattributable capability' in sensitive missions." The magazine said Prince "had served a dual role for the CIA as both a contractor and an 'asset,' or spy, who carried out secret missions as recently as two months ago, when the Obama administration terminated his contract."


Warrick, Joby. "Bush Orders Revamping of Intelligence Gathering: DNI's Authority Boosted, Document Shows." Washington Post, 31 Jul. 2008, A2. []

On 30 July 2008, President Bush issued a revised Executive Order 12333 that seeks to bolster the DNI's authority. According to a White House presentation, shared with congressional oversight committees, the revision "gives the DNI primary authority to issue 'overarching policies and procedures' and to ensure that intelligence collection is coordinated among the 16 agencies. It also conveys greater power to set spending priorities and establish standards for training and tradecraft. In one of the more controversial changes, the new order allows the DNI to formulate policy for engaging with the intelligence agencies and security services of other countries.... But the new policy stipulates that the CIA would 'coordinate implementation' of those policies."

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Warrick, Joby. "CIA Announces Push to Improve Agency's Language Proficiency." Washington Post, 30 May 2009. []

On 29 May 2009, CIA Director Leon Panetta launched a "program to double the number of analysts proficient in languages deemed critical in the fight against America's enemies." The effort includes "recruiting more officers fluent in foreign languages," as well as offering "night classes and online training" and enabling "new recruits to study languages while awaiting security clearance."


Warrick, Joby. "CIA Assassin Program Was Nearing New Phase: Panetta Pulled Plug After Training Was Proposed." Washington Post, 16 Jul. 2009. []

According to two U.S. officials familiar with the matter, "CIA officials were proposing to activate a plan to train anti-terrorist assassination teams overseas when agency managers brought the secret program to the attention of CIA Director Leon Panetta last month... The plan to kill top al-Qaeda leaders, which had been on the agency's back burner for much of the past eight years, was suddenly thrust into the spotlight because of proposals to initiate what one intelligence official called a 'somewhat more operational phase.' Shortly after learning of the plan, Panetta terminated the program and then went to Capitol Hill to brief lawmakers."

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Warrick, Joby. "CIA Honors 12 Officers, Contractors Killed in Action." Washington Post, 8 Jun. 2010. []

On 7 June 2010, the CIA "memorialized 12 agency officers and contractors killed in action." Those honored included Jennifer Lynne Matthews, a mother of three school-age children from Fredericksburg, VA, "who was chief of the CIA base struck by a suicide bomber in eastern Afghanistan" on 30 December. "In keeping with a four-decade tradition, agency Director Leon E. Panetta presided over the formal unveiling of the 12 stars on the CIA Memorial Wall at the entrance to the agency's Langley headquarters, according to those present."


Warrick, Joby. "CIA Tactics Endorsed In Secret Memos: Waterboarding Got White House Nod." Washington Post, 15 Oct. 2008, A1. []

"The Bush administration issued a pair of secret memos to the CIA in 2003 and 2004 that explicitly endorsed the agency's use of interrogation techniques such as waterboarding against al-Qaeda suspects -- documents prompted by worries among intelligence officials about a possible backlash if details of the program became public."


Warrick, Joby. "Ex-Agent Says CIA Ignored Iran Facts." Washington Post, 1 Jul. 2008, A2. []

A former CIA employee, "barred by the CIA from using his real name, filed a motion in federal court [on 27 June 2008] asking the government to declassify legal documents describing what he says was a deliberate suppression of findings on Iran that were contrary to agency views at the time." He "alleged in a 2004 lawsuit that the CIA fired him after he repeatedly clashed with senior managers over his attempts to file reports that challenged the conventional wisdom about weapons of mass destruction in the Middle East."


Warrick, Joby. "Ex-CIA Official Indicted Over Agency Job for Mistress." Washington Post, 22 May 2008, A9. []

A federal grand jury indictment alleges that Kyle "Dusty" Foggo, the CIA's executive director from 2004 to 2006, "pressured CIA managers into hiring" his mistress "after she was turned down for a position in the CIA's general counsel office." Foggo also "faces charges of fraud, conspiracy and conflict of interest stemming mostly from alleged favors he performed for California businessman Brent R. Wilkes, a childhood friend and prominent GOP fundraiser."


Warrick, Joby. "Ex-CIA Official to Lead Inquiry into Plane Incident." Washington Post, 9 Jan. 2010. []

DNI Dennis C. Blair has appointed John E. McLaughlin, former deputy CIA director, to "lead a review of missteps by U.S. intelligence agencies and assess proposals for correcting weaknesses in a system that did not respond to warnings about terrorism suspect Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab." See ODNI, Public Affairs Office, "DNI Asks John E. McLaughlin to Head Group that Will Examine Recent Intelligence Challenges," ODNI News Release No. 04-10 (Washington, DC: 8 Jan. 2010).

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