Vernon A. Walters

Lt. Gen. Vernon A. Walters died on 10 February 2002 at the age of 85. J.Y. Smith, "Gen. Vernon A. Walters; CIA Official, Diplomat," Washington Post, 14 Feb. 2002, B6. See also Henry R. Appelbaum, "In Memorium: Vernon Walters -- Renaissance Man," Studies in Intelligence 46, no. 1 (2002): 1-2.

See "Vernon A. Walters: Silent Missionary," at the Huachuca History Program under "Masters of the Intelligence Art":

Denis Clift tells the following story about Walters: "In April 1974, Dick Walters and I would share adjoining seats on Air Force One as we flew home from Paris with President Nixon following the funeral for President Georges Pompidou. Shortly after we were airborne, he fished into a carry-on satchel for a book and began to read. A half-hour later he fished again for another. He had my wonderment and admiration, as he was relaxing by reading foreign dictionaries." [footnote omitted] A. Denis Clift, "The Play of Intelligence: With Presidents at the Summit," Defense Intelligence Journal 11, no. 1 (Winter 2002): 108.

Walters, Vernon A. [LTGEN/USA (Ret.)] "General de Gaulle in Action: 1960 Summit Conference." Studies in Intelligence 18, no. 4 (Winter 1974): 39-44. Studies in Intelligence 38, no. 5 (1995): 123-127.


Walters, Vernon A. [LTGEN/USA(Ret.)] Secret Missions. New York: Doubleday, 1978.

Clark comment: Whatever your feelings about the military, military people, and particularly generals, Vernon Walters qualifies as an unique individual with an inordinately interesting life. He tells his stories of a lifetime as facilitator, organizer, interpreter, and go-between among the high and mighty of the world with (in Walter Pforzheimer's words) "all of [his] brilliance as a raconteur." And he does this without ever giving away anything that could be considered a "secret." When reading Walters' story, it is easy to wish for at least a little indiscretion.

Petersen notes that there is "[l]ittle on intelligence despite author's service as DDCI 1972-1976," while Constantinides says that Walters' "many anecdotes ... are of interest but mostly unrelated" to intelligence operations.


Walters, Vernon A. [LTGEN/USA(Ret.)], and Robert M. Gates. "Dedicating the Berlin Wall Monument." Studies in Intelligence 36, no. 5 (1992): 39-43.

Remarks made 18 December 1992 by former DDCI Walters and DCI Gates at a ceremony dedicating the CIA's Berlin Wall Monument.

Ambassador Walters: "It requires a special kind of dedication to work here, and it is particularly appropriate that this piece of the wall be erected on the grounds of this Agency, which for 45 years successfully manned the watch on the battlements of freedom."


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