Robert Wall


Wall, Robert. "Homeland Security Demands Strain NIMA's Resources." Aviation Week & Space Technology, 3 Feb. 2003, 37.

"Unfunded homeland security demands are taxing the National Imagery and Mapping Agency, which ... is in the middle of a difficult balancing act to deal with the military's operational requirements, domestic concerns and the need to modernize."


Wall, Robert, "Intelligence Lacking on Satellite Threats." Aviation Week & Space Technology, 1 Mar. 1999, 54.

USAF Gen. Richard B. Myers, chief of U.S. Space Command, said at the Air Force Association's Air Warfare Symposium that "the intelligence community does not have sufficient capability to track the growing threat to U.S. satellites."


Wall, Robert. "Larger Intelligence Review to Follow NRO Study." Aviation Week & Space Technology, 2 Oct. 2000, 45.

The Commission for the Review of the NRO "is nearing the completion of its work." The commission is co-chaired by Sen. Robert Kerrey (D-NB) and Rep. Porter Goss (R-FL). According to Goss, the process is going to redefine the mission of the NRO. The findings of the commission are expected to focus on management issues.


Wall, Robert. "NIMA Wrestles with Overhaul." Aviation Week & Space Technology, Jul. 2002, 68.

"In a bid to make [NIMA] more relevant, military and congressional leaders overseeing the organization want to address emerging homeland security requirements and exploit the potential of measurement and signature intelligence (Masint)."


Wall, Robert. "Pentagon OKs Restart to Comint Project." Aviation Week & Space Technology, 30 Sep. 2002, 32-33.

A decision to again pursue an airborne comint project has been "made after months of deliberations at the Pentagon.... The predicament started with the cancellation of BAE Systems' low-band subsystem (LBSS) program last year, after the Pentagon determined that the project, which has encountered serious development problems, couldn't be salvaged. But military users insisted they still needed such a capability to upgrade the Air Force's RC-135 Rivet Joint, U-2 and Global Hawk and the Navy's EP-3E, and to equip the Army's future Aerial Common Sensor."


Wall, Robert. "Rumsfeld Revamps Space, Pushes 'Black' Projects." Aviation Week & Space Technology, 14 May. 2001, 30.


Wall, Robert. "Signit Upgrades Nearing Deployment." Aviation Week & Space Technology, 15 Nov. 1999, 98-99.


Wall, Robert, and David A. Fulghum. "The Intel Battle." Aviation Week & Space Technology, 12 May 2003, 62 ff.

In Iraq, "[t]he Pentagon unleashed several new tricks from its growing coffer of information operations (IO) tools, and at the same time demonstrated that the barriers between the fiefdoms of intelligence collection and tactical operations are breaking down." The author reviews some of these intelligence-related "tricks."


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