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Verton, Daniel. "Congress, NSA Butt Heads over Echelon." Federal Computer Week, 3 Jun. 1999. [http://www.fcw.com]

"According to an amendment to the fiscal 2000 Intelligence Authorization Act proposed last month by Rep. Bob Barr (R-Ga.)," the DCI, NSA director, and attorney general "must submit a report within 60 days of the bill becoming law that outlines the legal standards being employed to safeguard the privacy of American citizens against Project Echelon."


Verton, Daniel. "Congress Pushes Intelligence Reform." Federal Computer Week, 10 May 2000. [http://www.fcw.com]

"The Senate last week released a report on the fiscal 2001 intelligence authorization bill that ... tagged the rebuilding of the National Security Agency as Congress' top, near-term priority.... 'The NSA systematically has sacrificed infrastructure modernization in order to meet day-to-day intelligence requirements,' the [SSCI] concluded in its report. 'Consequently, the organization begins the 21st century lacking the technological infrastructure and human resources needed even to maintain the status quo, much less meet emerging challenges.'"


Verton, Daniel. "Data-rich Spy Center on the Drawing Board: Hub to Integrate Dozens of Intell Systems." Federal Computer Week, 8 May 2000. [http://www.fcw.com]

Rep. Curt Weldon (R-PA) will propose legislation as part of the fiscal 2001 Defense Department budget which would create a National Operations and Analysis Hub (NOAH). The new organization "would support high-level government policymakers by integrating the more than 28 intelligence community networks, as well as the databases from a vast array of federal agencies. The plan is to model the new agency after the Army's Land Information Warfare Activity [LIWA] at Fort Belvoir, Va., which Weldon credits with one of the most effective 'massive data mining' capabilities in the intelligence community."


Verton, Daniel. "House Targets Spy Center in Cuba." Federal Computer Week, 21 Jul. 2000. [http://www.fcw.com]

The U.S. House of Representatives has "passed a bill that would prohibit the rescheduling of Russia's debt to the United States unless Russia shuts down" the Lourdes signals intelligence facility near Havana, Cuba. "The measure (H.R. 4118) passed the House 275-146 this week."


Verton, Daniel. "Intelligence Bill Targets NSA, Echelon Upgrades." Federal Computer Week, 18 Nov. 1999. [http://www.fcw.com]

The bill to authorize appropriations for FY 2000 operations of the U.S. intelligence community "includes funding for infrastructure upgrades" at Menwith Hill signals intelligence listening post in England. Menwith Hill "is widely suspected of being one of the central European-based processing centers for the 'Echelon' system, an electronic surveillance network sponsored by the National Security Agency."

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Verton, Daniel. "JSTARS Flies High over Yugoslavia." Federal Computer Week, 31 May 1999. [http://www.fcw.com]

A squadron of Joint Surveillance Target Attack Radar System (JSTARS) aircraft has been deployed from the Air Force's 60th Air Expeditionary Wing, stationed at Rhein-Main Air Base in Germany, to the Balkans "to help pilots flying in support of NATO's Operation Allied Force locate, track and attack Serb army units. Using ... sophisticated radar sensors and data communications systems, JSTARS function as mobile surveillance, reconnaissance and control centers, detecting enemy tanks, trucks and other targets on the ground and directing fighter/attack aircraft to them."

[GenPostCW/90s/Kosovo; Recon/Planes/99]

Verton, Daniel. "NSA Plan May Face Political Hurdles." Federal Computer Week, 6 Jun. 2000. [http://www.fcw.com]

NSA's "plan to hand over the bulk of its information technology support systems to industry may face hurdles on Capitol Hill, where lawmakers have shown reluctance to approve large-scale outsourcing contracts that take away thousands of government jobs.... 'Project Groundbreaker,' officially announced [on 7 June 2000], has been designed to help the intelligence agency become more efficient by tapping into the technology expertise in the private sector."


Verton, Daniel. “Study: Web Exposes Data on CIA Networks.” Computerworld, 11 Mar. 2002, 5.

Matta Security Ltd., "[a] London-based Internet security and risk consulting firm[,] last week published the results of a two-day study that highlights in surprising detail the CIA's primary points of presence on the public Internet. Using open, legal sources of information and without conducting any illegal port scanning or intrusive network probes," the firm "produced a detailed map of nonclassified CIA networks, including several that aren't readily available to the public. Matta's study also uncovered the names, e-mail addresses and telephone numbers of more than three dozen CIA network administrators and other officials."


Verton, Daniel.

1. "A War, Not a Battle." Federal Computer Week, 17 Jul. 2000. [http://www. fcw.com]

"Intelligence experts characterized the latest report on the bill from the House Armed Services Committee as little more than a tool in the struggle for control over the intelligence budget between the House and the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence.... Others said the debate centers on the larger questions of reforming the intelligence community and who should be in charge."

2. "Intell Turf Battles Rage." Federal Computer Week, 17 Jul. 2000. [http:// www.fcw.com]

Defense Secretary William Cohen and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Henry Shelton "recently sent a letter to senior lawmakers on Capitol Hill protesting" a HPSCI proposal "to establish an intelligence community communications architect position within the CIA. The chief architect would ... be funded with $80 million in start-up money taken directly from the budgets" of the NRO, NSA, and DIA.

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Verton, Daniel, and L. Scott Tillett. "European Union May Investigate U.S. Global Spy Computer Network." Federal Computer Week, 17 Nov. 1998. [http://www.fcw.com]

"The European Union is considering launching a full-scale investigation into whether the National Security Agency is abusing its massive and highly advanced surveillance network to spy on government and private groups around the world."


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