Tom Vanden Brook


Vanden Brook, Tom. "After Five Decades, the U-2 Is Still Flying High." USA Today, 28 Mar. 2011. []

Because of delays in the development of the Global Hawk UAV, "[t]he Obama administration has nearly doubled its request to fund the 32-airplane fleet to $91 million to keep the U-2 aloft. The 80 Air Force pilots qualified to fly the tricky-to-handle plane can expect to continue their spy missions until 2015."


Vanden Brook, Tom. "Drones' Supply Short of Demand." USA Today, 28 Mar. 2007. []

"The Air Force has lost about 40% of its Predator unmanned aircraft and lacks enough trained crews to meet the demand for battlefield surveillance in Iraq and Afghanistan, according to military officials and analysts." Records show that 53 of the 139 Predators delivered to the Air Force have been lost. According to budget records, the Air Force has asked for "22 more of the $4.5 million aircraft in the emergency war funding bill being debated in Congress."

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Vanden Brook, Tom. "U.S. Shifts Spy Planes to Afghan War." USA Today, 23 Aug. 2009. []

"The U.S. military has sent more spy planes to Afghanistan and moved others there from Iraq.... In July 2008, 75% of spy planes, including drones such as Predators and Reapers, were devoted to Iraq and 25% to Afghanistan, according to Pentagon figures. As of this month, 66% are in Afghanistan compared with 33% in Iraq."

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