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U.S. Department of State. "Daily Press Briefing." 23 Nov. 1998.

Asked to confirm the report that the U.S. Government had the Stasi files, State Department Spokesman James Rubin acknowledged that "[f]ormer East German opposition leaders did present a petition to the US Embassy in Berlin on November 9," 1998. He, then, noted: "The German Democratic Republic State Security Service was an intelligence and police agency. We do not comment on intelligence matters."


U.S. Department of State. INR: Intelligence and Research in the Department of State. Washington, DC: 1983. 1990.


U.S. Department of State. Patterns of Global Terrorism, [year (to 2003)]. Washington, DC: yearly.

Replaced by Country Reports on Terrorism in 2004. Both are available at: http://www.state.gov/j/ct/rls/crt/.

With regard to the report issued for 2003, see R. Jeffrey Smith, "State Dept. Concedes Errors in Terror Data," Washington Post, 10 Jun. 2004, A17.

The State Department's, Patterns of Global Terrorism, issued two months ago, suggested that the number of terrorist attacks around the globe "was at the lowest ebb in the past 34 years.... [H]owever, the report was pilloried by academics, a lawmaker [Rep. Henry A. Waxman (D-CA)] and others. They said its math defied the reality of a steady growth in the number and significance of terrorist attacks in 2003, as well as the worst type of attacks spreading from just a few countries to at least 10." On 9 June 2004, "after reviewing the matter more carefully, the department formally conceded it made a few mistakes." Spokesman Adam Ereli said: 'We anticipate that a correction to the Patterns of Global Terrorism will be publicly issued as soon as possible.'"

See also, Dan Eggen, "Powell Calls Report 'A Big Mistake'; State Dept., CIA Probe Terror Study," Washington Post, 14 Jun. 2004, A13.

During appearances on Sunday talk shows on 13 June 2004, "Secretary of State Colin L. Powell said ... that a State Department report claiming a global decline in terrorist incidents last year was 'a big mistake,' but he said there was no intent to 'cook the books' for political purposes."

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