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Joint Committees

U.S. Congress. Intelligence Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2010. Public Law 111–259 -- Oct. 7, 2010. At: http://frwebgate.access.gpo.gov/cgi-bin/getdoc.cgi?dbname=111_cong_public_laws&docid=f:publ259.111.pdf.


U.S. Congress. Investigation of the Pearl Harbor Attack: Report of the Joint Committee, Congress of the United States, Pursuant to Senate Concurrent Resolution 27, 79th Congress. Laguna Hills, CA: Aegean Park Press, 1994.

Surveillant 3.6: "Two new items have been added to th[is] reprint[:] [1] index of names ... and ... [2] Report which sets forth the intelligence aspects of the Original Report ... dated July 16, 1946."


U.S. Congress. Joint Hearings before the Select Committee on Secret Military Assistance to Iran and the Nicaraguan Opposition, U.S. Senate, and the Select Committee to Investigate Covert Arms Transactions with Iran, U.S. House. 100th Cong., 1st sess. Washington, DC: GPO, 1987.


U.S. Congress. Report of the Committees Investigating the Iran-Contra Affair, with Supplemental, Minority, and Additional Views. S. Rept. No. 100-216, H. Rept. No. 100-433, 100th Cong., 1st Sess. Washington, DC: GPO, 1987. [Available at: http://www.maryferrell.org/mffweb/archive/docset/getList.do?docSetId=1949]


U.S. Congress. U.S. Senate Select Committee on Intelligence and U.S. House Permanent Select Committee On Intelligence. Joint Inquiry Into Intelligence Community Activities Before and After the Terrorist Attacks of September 11, 2001. S. Rept. No. 107-351, H. Rept. No. 107-792, 107th Congress, 2d session, December 2002. [http://www.gpoaccess.gov/serialset/creports/911.html]


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