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Smith, R. Jeffrey. "Making Connections with Dots to Decipher U.S. Spy Spending: Panel's Report Indirectly Discloses Details It Urged Keeping Secret." Washington Post, 12 Mar. 1996, A11.

Smith, R. Jeffrey. "Obama Taps CIA Veteran as Adviser on Terror: Brennan Has Drawn Fire on Interrogations." Washington Post, 9 Jan. 2009, A1. [http://www.washingtonpost.com]

President-elect "Barack Obama has picked John O. Brennan as his top adviser on counterterrorism." Brennan "was chief of staff to then-CIA Director George J. Tenet from 1999 to 2001 and director of National Counterterrorism Center from 2004 to 2005." He will serve as "an assistant to the president and deputy national security adviser for counterterrorism, with a dual hat as the White House adviser for homeland security."


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Smith, R. Jeffrey. "State Dept. Concedes Errors in Terror Data." Washington Post, 10 Jun. 2004, A17. [http://www.washingtonpost.com]

The State Department's, Patterns of Global Terrorism, issued two months ago, suggested that the number of terrorist attacks around the globe "was at the lowest ebb in the past 34 years." However, "the report was pilloried" by academics, Rep. Henry A. Waxman (D-CA), and others. They "said its math defied the reality of a steady growth in the number and significance of terrorist attacks in 2003, as well as the worst type of attacks spreading from just a few countries to at least 10." On 9 June 2004, "the department formally conceded it made a few mistakes." Spokesman Adam Ereli said: "'We anticipate that a correction ... will be publicly issued as soon as possible.'"


Smith, R. Jeffrey. "Top CIA Proliferation Aide, Facing Budget Cuts, Quits." Washington Post, 22 Oct. 1997, A19.

See also Steven Erlanger, "C.I.A. Official Quits Nonproliferation Post," New York Times, 21 Oct. 1997, A8 (N).


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"After a bruising fight with Senate Republicans over the failed nomination of Anthony Lake, Tenet's support from key lawmakers in both parties was probably the decisive factor in Clinton's choice."


Smith, R. Jeffrey. "U.S. Agencies at Odds Over Response to American Slain in Guatemala." Washington Post, 5 Apr. 1995, A24.


Smith, R. Jeffrey. "U.S. Data Aiding Macedonia." Washington Post, 21 Mar. 2001, A1. [http://www.washingtonpost.com]

According to Macedonian officials on 20 March 2001, "U.S. forces in Kosovo are providing aerial photos and other military intelligence to Macedonian army officers.... At the Pentagon, Rear Adm. Craig Quigley, a senior spokesman,... said, 'I am not aware of any unilateral U.S.-to-Macedonian exchanges.' But he said it is possible that the Macedonians had received information from a U.S. officer seconded to a NATO unit, and so working outside the U.S. chain of command."

[GenPostCW/00s/01; MI/Ops/90s/Kosovo]

Smith, R. Jeffrey. "U.S. Had Information in 1991 Tying CIA Informer to Killing." Washington Post, 24 Mar. 1995, A1.


Smith, R. Jeffrey. "U.S. Officials Acted Hastily in Nuclear Test Accusation." Washington Post, 20 Oct. 1997, A1, A6-7.

It looks as though the event in Siberia that U.S. Intelligence Community analysts initially labeled a nuclear test was actually seismic in nature. See also Bill Gertz, "CIA Panel Gives Split View on Arctic Seismic Rumbling," Washington Times, 4 Nov. 1997, A6.


Smith, R. Jeffrey. "U.S. Presses Greece for Action against Leftist Terror Group." Washington Post, 3 Nov. 1999, A30. [http://www.washingtonpost.com]

There have been at least five terrorist attacks carried out in Athens this year by a group known as November 17. The United States has been pressing the Greek police to bring the members of the group to justice since the assassination of CIA station chief Richard Welch in November 1975. "U.S. officials say they suspect that arrests of group members have been blocked by both a lack of official interest and active opposition within the Athens government. Senior Greek security officials have rejected the accusation."

[OtherCountries/Greece; Terrorism/99]

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Smith, R. Jeffrey. "Woolsey: At the CIA, a Cautious Moderate." Washington Post National Weekly Edition, 28 Dec. 1992-3 Jan. 1993, 12.

President Clinton's nominee for DCI, Robert James Woolsey, "is an engaging, politically cautious moderate" with ties to both political parties.


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