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Pincus, Walter. "Imprisoned Former CIA Official Pleads Guilty Again." Washington Post, 8 Nov. 2010. []

Harold Nicholson pleaded guilty on 8 November 2010 on charges of money laundering and conspiracy to represent a foreign government "or having his son travel the world to collect cash from his former Russian spymasters.... Prosecutors have recommended that eight years be added to Nicholson's current [23-year] sentence."


Pincus, Walter. "Incoming Intelligence Chief Plans to Ease Hiring of Arab Americans." Washington Post, 7 Feb. 2007, A15. []

At his confirmation hearing on 2 February 2007, DNI-nominee John M. McConnell told the SSCI that he "plans to change security rules to make it easier for intelligence agencies to hire first-generation Arab Americans for highly sensitive jobs."


Pincus, Walter. "Independence of CIA Nominee Questioned: Inspector General-Designate Snider Is Friend, Colleague of Agency Director Tenet." Washington Post, 12 Jul. 1998, A8.

"Several members of the Senate's Select Committee on Intelligence have questioned whether CIA Inspector General-designate Britt Snider could, if confirmed, maintain his independence from CIA Director George J. Tenet, who is a close friend."


Pincus, Walter. "In Espionage Case of Suspect FBI Agent, Questions of Motivation." Washington Post, 2 Jan. 1997, A6.


Pincus, Walter. "In Response to Criticism, Tenet Reveals CIA Successes: Director Points to Pakistan, Libya, Iran and North Korea." Washington Post, 6 Feb. 2004, A18. []

In a speech at Georgetown University on 5 February 2004, DCI George J. Tenet "took the unusual step of disclosing previously secret success by the agency, describing its spying on Pakistan's nuclear scientist, Abdul Qadeer Khan, and on the international trade in nuclear weapons technology involving Libya, Iran and North Korea."

[CIA/DCIs/Tenet; PostCW/00s/04/WMD]

Pincus, Walter. "Inspector: CIA Kept Ties With Alleged Traffickers." Washington Post, 17 Mar. 1998, A12. []

CIA Inspector General Frederick R. Hitz told the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence on 16 March 1998 that "'there are instances where CIA did not, in an expeditious or consistent fashion, cut off relationships with individuals supporting the contra program who were alleged to have engaged in drug-trafficking activity or take action to resolve the allegations'.... But, he added, investigators 'found no evidence . . . of any conspiracy by CIA or its employees to bring drugs into the United States.'"


Pincus, Walter. "Inspectors General Find No Ties Between CIA, L.A. Drug Dealers." Washington Post, 19 Dec. 1997, A2.


Pincus, Walter. "Is There More to the Ames Story?" Washington Post National Weekly Edition, 27 Feb.-5 Mar. 1995, 31-32.

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