Walter Pforzheimer


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Materials from the former DCI's life.


Pforzheimer, Walter. "Postwar Soviet Espionage -- a Bibliography." Studies in Intelligence 6, no. 2 (Spring 1962): A35-A47.

"This is a selective bibliography [55 items with annotations] of publications that describe the activities of the Soviet intelligence services since the end of World War II."


Pforzheimer, Walter. "Public Texts in Intelligence." Studies in Intelligence 5, no. 2 (Spring 1961): A51-A60.

An annotated "selection of the most broadly informative books on intelligence available in English."


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Walter L. Pforzheimer, the CIA's first legislative counsel and the first curator of the Historical Intelligence Collection, died on 10 February 2003. Bart Barnes, "Walter L. Pforzheimer, CIA's First Curator, Dies at 88." Washington Post, 12 Feb. 2003, B6.

See Timothy Naftali, "In Memoriam: Celebrating the Life of Walter Pforzheimer," Studies in Intelligence 47, no. 3 (2003): 1-3.

See also William Nolte, "Interviewing an Intelligence Icon: Walter Pforzheimer Reminisces," Studies in Intelligence 10 (Winter-Spring 2001): 39-47.

Peake, Reader's Guide, notes that this work presents "critical annotations" averaging over 100 words each. The annotations "reflect a synthesis of the experience of the several professional editors" who have worked on the various editions. The work contains about 300 entries "focused on professional intelligence books of merit." Although it is becoming dated, the Bibliography of Intelligence Literature remains "a valuable starting point." Commenting on the 7th edition (1981), Constantinides calls this "the most reliable single guide to the significance and accuracy of works included."


Pforzheimer, Walter, ed. Central Intelligence Agency: An Annotated Checklist. (no longer operational). 1996.

Cloak and Dagger Books offers "Dr. Pforzheimer's list of the best available books about the Central Intelligence Agency." Ten books with annotations are presented.


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