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Speech by Richard L. Haver, Assistant to the Secretary of Defense for Intelligence Policy, to Association of Former Intelligence Officers.


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HPSCI filed its Fiscal Year 1998 Intelligence Authorization Act with the House on 18 June 1997. The five major themes addressed are: (1) Focus on shortfalls in intelligence; (2) heightened emphasis on "downstream" activities; (3) ensure clandestine HUMINT programs are equipped to fill intelligence gaps; (4) promote flexibility in the use of technology to meet intelligence needs; and (5) develop a more corporate and flexible community.

Other provisions include "a request for a report from the DCI to ensure that important resource allocation decisions within the Foreign Broadcast Information Service (FBIS) re-engineering plan are not being made without fully taking into account 'customer' requirements."

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Excerpts from the Executive Summary of Report of Joint Security Commission, submitted 28 February 1994 to Defense Secretary Perry and DCI Woolsey. The report identifies a need to "balance the risk of loss or damage against the costs of countermeasures...," that is, to use a risk management approach. It recommends the "creation of a uniform cost-accounting methodology and tracking system for security resources expended..., common standards for adjudications [in personnel security] and a joint investigative service to standardize background investigations..., [and] formation of a single organization ... responsible for the creation of security policies and overseeing the coherent implementation of those policies across the Defense and Intelligence Communities."

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Remarks by DCI Webster, 8 February 1990.

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Periscope reprints two articles by Tim Weiner in the 7 May and 15 May issues of the New York Times and a 15 May article from the Washington Post by Jeffrey Smith.



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