Lauran Paine


Paine, Lauran. Britain's Intelligence Service. London: Hale, 1979. [Chambers]


Paine, Lauran. The CIA at Work. Levittown, NY: Transatlantic Arts, 1978.

Wilcox sees this as a "[s]ympathetic account."


Paine, Lauran.

1. Double Jeopardy. London: Hale, 1978.

Wilcox: "Account of espionage and intelligence, clandestine operations."

2. The Technology of Espionage. London: Hale, 1978.

Constantinides sees this book as a "useful ... introduction to the world of technological espionage" since World War II. Nevertheless, there are "errors," "questionable conclusions," and "an occasional tendency to exaggerate."

Paine, Lauran. German Military Intelligence in World War II: The Abwehr. London: Hale, 1984. New York: Stein & Day, 1984. [Chambers]

From publisher: "Reveals how treason against Hitler's government originated within the Abwehr."


Paine, Lauran. Mathilde Carré, Double Agent. London: Hale, 1976.

Carré was actually a triple agent, working successively for the French underground, the German Abwehr, and SOE. She is best known in popular literature by one of her underground codenames, "Cat." See also, Carré, J'ai été la chatte (1959); and Young, The Cat With Two Faces (1957).

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Paine, Lauran. Silicon Spies: The Implications of Soviet Acquisition of Western Technology. London: Hale, 1986. [Chambers]


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