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National Security Archive. "CIA Stalling State Department Histories; Archive Posts One of Two Disputed Volumes on Web." 27 Jul. 2001. []

On 27 July 2001, the National Security Archive posted on the Web "one of two State Department documentary histories whose release the [CIA] is stalling.... The two disputed ... volumes cover Indonesia-Malaysia-Philippines in the years 1964-68 and Greece-Turkey-Cyprus in the same period. The CIA, as well as action officers at the State Department, have prevented the official release of either volume, already printed and bound by the Government Printing Office. The National Security Archive obtained the Indonesia volume ... when the GPO, apparently by mistake, shipped copies to various GPO bookstores; but the Greece volume is still locked up in GPO warehouses. The Indonesia volume includes significant new documentation on the Indonesian Army's campaign against the Indonesia Communist Party (PKI) in 1965-66, which brought to power the dictator Suharto."

See U.S. Department of State. Office of the Historian. Ed. Edward C. Keefer. Foreign Relations of the United States, 1964-1968. Vol. XXVI. Indonesia; Malaysia- Singapore; Philippines. Washington, DC: GPO, 2001. Available at:


National Security Archive. U.S. Espionage and Intelligence: Organization, Operations, and Management, 1947-1996. Washington, DC: 1997. []

This site describes a collection of documents for sale by the National Security Archive. Quoting from the site:

"U.S. Espionage and Intelligence: Organization, Operations, and Management, 1947-1996 publishes together ... recent unclassified and newly declassified documents pertaining to the organizational structure, operations, and management of the U.S. intelligence community over the last fifty years.... This set reproduces on microfiche 1,174 organizational histories, memoranda, manuals, regulations, directives, reports, and studies, representing over 36,102 pages of documents from the Office of the Director of Central Intelligence, the Central Intelligence Agency, National Reconnaissance Office, National Security Agency, Defense Intelligence Agency, military service intelligence organizations, National Security Council and other organizations."

The complete microfiche document set, including Guide and Index, is $4,200. The Guide and Index alone are $900.

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