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Loeb, Vernon. "Defectors Say CIA Reneges on Promises." Washington Post, 11 Jul. 2000, A10. []

A Soviet defector couple living in Seattle has sued the CIA for terminating their $27,000 annual stipend and reneging on a deal made when they were spying for the United States. See also, Vernon Loeb, "Defector Program Reform Urged," Washington Post, 12 Jul. 2000, A10, reports that "[o]n 11 July 2000, Rep. Frank R. Wolf (R-VA) "asked the House intelligence committee to hold a hearing on the CIA's defector resettlement program and consider a vague provision in federal law to spell out defectors' legal rights."


Loeb, Vernon. "Deutch Apologizes for Mishandling Secrets on Home Computer." Washington Post, 23 Feb. 2000, A11. []

Former DCI John M. Deutch "publicly apologized [on 22 February 2000] for mishandling top-secret information on unsecure home computers, saying he never intended to violate security rules and believes none of the information was compromised."


Loeb, Vernon. "Director of CIA Plays Key Role in Peace Pact." Washington Post, 24 Oct. 1998, A20. []

DCI George J. "Tenet and the CIA have been deeply involved in the Middle East peace talks in an increasingly public fashion since the process nearly collapsed in the fall of 1996, using the agency's longstanding relationships with Israeli and Palestinian intelligence agencies to broker cooperation between the two over anti-terrorist security issues critical to a final peace accord."

Former DCI "Robert M. Gates said there is 'ample precedent' for the CIA's involvement in high-level negotiations and in monitoring compliance with security agreements. But Gates acknowledged that the CIA's highly visible role in the negotiating process and its day-to-day role in monitoring compliance with the accord signed [on 23 October 1998] do entail 'some downside risks.'"


Loeb, Vernon. "A Dirty Business." Washington Post, 25 Jul. 1999, F1. [http://www.]

Salah Idris, the owner of the El Shifa Pharmaceutical plant in Khartoum, Sudan, is continuing to fight against the conclusions that led the United States to attack the plant in August 1998.


Loeb, Vernon. "Drawing the Company's Line: As Editor of Secrets, CIA Review Chief Is Opening the Books." Washington Post, 13 Oct. 1998, A13. [http://www.washingtonpost. com]

John Hollister Hedley "has distinguished himself as chairman of the CIA's publications review board over the past three years not so much for what he's taken out, but for what he's left in. He has helped establish new standards of openness that have allowed former spies, analysts and agency officials to go farther than ever before in describing their clandestine careers.... Hedley's legacy at the CIA, however, may be his role in helping establish 'the Clarridge precedent,' the new standard of disclosure enunciated by the pre-publication board in its review of Duane R. 'Dewey' Clarridge's recent book, 'A Spy For All Seasons.'"


Loeb, Vernon. "Ex-Official: Bomb Lab Case Lacks Evidence. Suspect's Ethnicity 'A Major Factor' in China Spy Probe." Washington Post, 17 Aug. 1999, A1. [http://www.]

Robert S. Vrooman, the former head of counterintelligence at the Los Alamos National Laboratory, said on 16 August 1999 that "Federal investigators targeted physicist Wen Ho Lee as an espionage suspect largely because he is a Chinese American and they still do not have a 'shred of evidence' that he leaked nuclear secrets to China.... Vrooman made his remarks in an interview with The Washington Post less than a week after Energy Secretary Bill Richardson recommended disciplinary action against him and two other former Los Alamos officials for alleged missteps during the espionage probe."


Loeb, Vernon. "Ex-Spy's Mission at CIA: Burying the Bureaucracy." Washington Post, 4 Feb. 2000, A29. []

Profile of CIA's Deputy Director of Administration (DDA) Richard Calder and his efforts at reform in the DA. Loeb's web site, "IntelligenCIA: Inside Information," Washington Post, 7 Feb. 2000, discusses a Harvard Kennedy School case study that focuses on Calder's "free-market" reform activities.


Loeb, Vernon. "FBI Official Named to CIA Deputy Post." Washington Post. 4 Aug. 2001, A4. []

On 3 August 2001, DCI George J. Tenet announced the following personnel changes in the Intelligence Community:

Donald M. Kerr, an assistant FBI director in charge of the bureau's crime laboratory, was named CIA Deputy Director for Science and Technology (DDS&T).

John L. Helgerson, Deputy Director, National Imagery and Mapping Agency (NIMA), will become chairman of the National Intelligence Council (NIC).

Joanne O. Isham, CIA DDS&T, will succeed Helgerson as deputy director at NIMA.

Dennis Fitzgerald, CIA Associate Deputy Director for Science and Technology (ADDS&T), will become NRO deputy director.

[CIA/00s/01/Gen; CIA/C&C/S&T; MI/NIMA; NRO]

Loeb, Vernon. "50 Years of Nuclear Know-How Compromised: Los Alamos 'Legacy Codes' May Be More Valuable Than Blueprints, Experts Say." Washington Post, 30 Apr. 1999, A16. []

Secret computer programs transferred by Wen Ho Lee "from a classified computer network to a vulnerable desktop machine are mathematical models, known aptly as 'legacy codes,' embodying 50 years of American nuclear know-how. Their discovery last month during a search of Wen Ho Lee's office computer ... has sent shock waves through the weapons laboratory and the Department of Energy."


Loeb, Vernon. "Finding the Secret to Downsizing? NSA Moves Workers to Private Sector." Washington Post, 29 Sep. 1998, A15. []

"Moving to thin its ranks without angering its troops," NSA "has pioneered a scheme to encourage early retirement by moving hundreds of aging spies and technocrats seamlessly onto the payrolls of NSA's largest and most trusted contractors."


Loeb, Vernon. "From Above, Satellites Track Refugees and Atrocities." Washington Post, 6 Apr. 1999, A18.

"One senior U.S. official said spy satellites, after focusing almost exclusively on Yugoslav air defenses and other military targets, have now been tasked to help document village atrocities and the movement of refugees in Kosovo."


Loeb, Vernon. "Foreseeing the Fall." Washington Post, 19 Nov. 1999, A43. [http://www.]

At a three-day conference on "U.S. Intelligence and the End of the Cold War," which began on 18 November 1999 at Texas A&M University's Bush School of Government and Public Service, the CIA is releasing "a 378-page volume of 24 intelligence estimates on the Soviet Union from 1988 to 1991." The documents purport to show that assertions that the CIA failed to foresee the fall of the Soviet Union are wrong.


Loeb, Vernon. "General Named to Head NSA: Air Force's Hayden Faces Big Challenges." Washington Post, 25 Feb. 1999, A21. []

"President Clinton has nominated Air Force Maj. Gen. Michael V. Hayden, a veteran intelligence officer with a background in information warfare and defense policy analysis," as the next NSA director.


Loeb, Vernon. "Getting Scholarly About the Spy Trade." Washington Post, 18 Jun. 1999, 39. []

This is a report on a Joint Military Intelligence College-sponsored conference at Bolling AFB, Washington, DC, on 18 June 1999 on "teaching intelligence studies at colleges and universities across the United States and around the world."

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