Robert Bruce and Robin Bruce


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Trapped in a provocation operation by the Cheka in 1918, Lockhart was soon exchanged for Maxim Litvinov, who had been arrested by the British.


Lockhart, Robin Bruce.

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Surveillant 2.6 calls Ace of Spies a "highly embellished account." According to Constantinides, the biography "adds very little to what was already known.... It is a popular account that lacks documentation.... [H]e included stories about Reilly that can only be described as tall."

2. Reilly: The First Man. New York: Penguin Paperbacks, 1987.

Torrey, IJI&C 1.4: "Ace of Spies ... became the benchmark work on Reilly's life ... [but] Robin Lockhart was misled by some of his original sources.... [W]hen he wrote Ace of Spies he lacked vital information.... The portrait of Reilly that emerged ... was incomplete.... [The] latest book ... presents strong evidence that Reilly ... defected to the Soviets."


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