Clayton D. Laurie


Laurie, Clayton D. Congress and the National Reconnaissance Office. Chantilly, VA: Office of the Historian, National Reconnaissance Office, 2001. []

"The history of the NRO's interaction with Congress is closely intertwined with the security demands of the Cold War, the growth and development of the Intelligence Community as a whole, and with the American space program. In that setting, the novel relationship between the NRO and Congress has undergone significant changes over forty years, and it continues to evolve as each institution addresses the nation's intelligence demands and post Cold War security challenges of the twenty-first century."


Laurie, Clayton D.

1. "The Invisible Hand of the New Look." In Forging the Shield: Eisenhower and National Security for the Twenty-first Century, ed. Dennis E. Showalter, 93-110. Chicago, IL: Imprint Publications, 2005.

2. "A New President, a Better CIA, and an Old War: Eisenhower and Intelligence Reporting on Korea, 1953." Studies in Intelligence 54, no. 4 (Dec. 2010): 15-22.

"In both Eisenhower's larger foreign policy focus and in the waning months of the Korean War, the Central Intelligence Agency played a larger role than it ever had before in its short life."

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Laurie, Clayton D. The Propaganda Warriors: America's Crusade Against Nazi Germany. Lawrence: University Press of Kansas, 1996.

Hoffman, FA 75.5 (Sep.-Oct. 1996), notes that the author "focuses on the difficulties and rivalries that plagued the agencies that were put in charge" of U.S. efforts to combat Nazi propaganda with a matching propaganda campaign. These agencies included the OSS' Moral Operations Branch, the Army's Psychological Warfare Division, and the Office of War Information (OWI). Laurie "concludes that the 'winning weapon in psychological warfare' was finally developed by the Army,... [b]ut there is no attempt here to provide evidence regarding the success of all these policies."

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