George Lardner, Jr.


Lardner, George, Jr. "Bush Urged to Rescind Order on Presidential Materials." Washington Post, 7 Nov. 2001, A27. []

On 6 November 2001, Rep. Stephen Horn (R-CA), chairman of a House subcommittee with jurisdiction over the Presidential Records Act, urged the Bush administration to rescind an executive order whereby "a former president or a sitting president -- or in some cases, the family of a deceased president -- could block the release of records requested by journalists, scholars or others and force them to go to court to challenge such decisions."


Lardner, George, Jr. "Congress Overlooks Oversight: Missing Intelligence Charters." Nation, 2 Sep. 1978, 168-171.

[CIA/70s/Investigations; Oversight/To90s]

Lardner, George, Jr. "CIA Files Confirm U.S. Used Nazis After WWII." Washington Post, 28 Apr. 2001, A10. []

According to details contained in 10,000 pages of 20 CIA "name files" released on 27 April 2001, "U.S. intelligence agencies used a rogue's gallery of Nazi war criminals after World War II to help cope with the new threats posed by the Soviet Union and its communist allies.... The collaboration was mainly with middle-ranking Nazis, men with obscure names but often deadly backgrounds."


Lardner, George, Jr. "Automatic Declassification Halted." 2Washington Post, 16 Oct. 1998, A25.

President Clinton has ordered a halt to automatic declassification processes until a detailed review of materials containing potential nuclear secrets can be conducted.


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Lardner, George, Jr. "History of U.S.-Greek Ties Blocked." Washington Post, 17 Aug. 2001, A21. []

James E. Miller, a retired State Department historian, says that the U.S. Government Printing Office is withholding distribution of the volume of the Foreign Relations of the United States (FRUS) series that deals with Greece in the period 1964-1968 because of CIA objections to its publication. According to Miller, CIA officials are concerned about documents regarding "two proposals to influence Greek politicians and elections."

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Lardner, George, Jr. "Playing I Spy with that Alleged New Openness at the CIA." Washington Post National Weekly Edition, 27 Apr.-3 May Jun. 1992, 34.

The CIA has finally released, with minor deletions, the "Task Force Report on Greater CIA Openness."


Lardner, George, Jr. "Reprogramming the CIA: If the Cold War's Over, What Should It Spy On?" Washington Post National Weekly Edition, 26 Nov.-2 Dec. 1990, 6-7.

The author surveys a host of potential target areas for future intelligence activities, with a substantial amount of space devoted to issues surrounding "economic intelligence." No conclusions are reached.


Lardner, George, Jr. "Unbeatable Bugs. The Moscow Embassy Fiasco: KGB Defector Says He Warned U.S. 10 Years Ago of Built-in Sensors." Washington Post, 18 Jun. 1990, A1, A21.


Lardner, George J., Jr. "U.S. Military Spies in Fedoras?" Washington Post, 18 Jul. 1990.

Reports an early expression by the miltary intelligence leadership of an interest in establishing overseas front companies to aid the covert collection activities.


Lardner, George, Jr., and Walter Pincus. "Cutting the CIA Down to Size." Washington Post National Weekly Edition, 18-24 Jan. 1993, 32.

Congress cut spending for intelligence activities by 8 percent in October 1992. Now, "interest in deeper spending reductions appears strong on both sides of Capitol Hill where knowledgeable lawmakers and staff members say the first wave of change has not amounted to more than a ripple."


Lardner, George, Jr., and Walter Pincus. "The Man Who Uncloaked the CIA: William Colby Will Be Remembered for Disclosing the Agency's Most Embarrassing Secrets." Washington Post National Weekly Edition, 13-19 May 1996, 30.


Lardner, George, Jr., and Walter Pincus. "Robert Gates, A Company Man." Washington Post National Weekly Edition, 20-26 May 1991, 34.

The thoughts here are pre-hearing soundings from around Washington about Gates and his chances of securing approval for the DCI job.


Lardner, George, Jr., and Walter Pincus, "Watergate Burglars Broke Into Chilean Embassy as Cover, Tapes Show," Washington Post, 26 Feb. 1997, A9. [http://www.washingtonpost. com]

"The crew that broke into the Watergate headquarters of the Democratic National Committee in 1972 also burglarized the Chilean Embassy weeks earlier as part of what President Richard M. Nixon called an asinine scheme to make both seem like a CIA operation.... Nixon's remarks were among long-classified snippets released [on 25 February 1999] at the National Archives as part of the Nixon White House tapes reflecting abuses of power." See also Tim Weiner, "In Tapes, Nixon Talks of Plans for Foreign Embassy Break-Ins," New York Times, 26 Feb. 1999.


Lardner, George, Jr., and R. Jeffrey Smith. "Intelligence Ties Endure Despite U.S.-China Strain." Washington Post, 25 Jun. 1989, A1, A24.



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